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THE NEW YORK TIMES-G.O.P. Squirms as Trump Veers Off Script With Abuse Remarks



G.O.P. Squirms as Trump Veers Off Script With Abuse Remarks

  • Tax cuts and economic growth appear to be improving the party’s political position.
  • But President Trump can’t seem to stop antagonizing voters, especially women, which Republicans fear could smother their momentum going into the midterm campaign.

Trump Appears to Doubt #MeToo Movement in Tweet

After the resignations of two aides facing claims of domestic violence, Mr. Trump said that “lives are being shattered and destroyed by a mere allegation.”


What U.S. Military Learned From Fatal Ambush in Africa

The Pentagon is poised to place new limits on patrols and commanders’ authorities as a result of the October ambush in Niger that killed four American soldiers.

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Andrew Khosravani, Alexandra Garcia, Margaret Cheatham Williams and Aaron Byrd

How to Conquer
an Olympic Biathlon

When the pressure starts to build, Lowell Bailey wonders: “Can I do this?” Then he looks at the snow ahead and imagines himself as a bow with an arrow drawn, ready to accelerate.

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11 of Our Best Weekend Reads

What American teenagers are learning from online porn. Why Jimmy Buffett is no longer living the Jimmy Buffett lifestyle. This mutant crayfish is taking over Europe. Lasers have revealed 60,000 Maya structures. And more.

Rush to Impose Medicaid Curbs Creates Unease

Kentucky will require many people to work, volunteer or train for a job to qualify for coverage — and to prove it with frequent documentation.

Before There Was #MeToo, There Was Mary Cunningham

In the 1980s, Ms. Cunningham and Bill Agee were the central figures in one of the most famous sex scandals in corporate America. Four decades later, she sees it as one of the first #MeToo moments.

The Mainstreaming of Political Memes Online

The distance between the White House and subcultures like 4Chan has closed. Now simple, guttural digital messages, often with multimedia, are big in politics.

What Teenagers Are Learning From Online Porn

American adolescents watch much more pornography than their parents know — and it’s shaping their ideas about pleasure, power and intimacy. Can they be taught to see it more critically?

What on Earth Is Going On?

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