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WSJ-There’s a Speeding Mass of Space Junk Orbiting Earth, Smashing Into Things

Apple’s New iPhones Gamble on Allure of Premium Pricing

Apple introduced a trio of new iPhones Tuesday, making a bet that some customers will be willing to part with upward of $1,000 for the premium iPhone X while others will also pay up to upgrade regular models. 302in 12 hours

Goldman Banks on Lending to Grow

Goldman Sachs, acknowledging that its storied securities-trading business is unlikely to pick up enough to be a key revenue driver, is now looking to the lower-octane business of lending to spur growth. in 13 hours

Bain Signs Letter of Intent to Buy Toshiba’s Chip Business

Bain Capital signed a memorandum of understanding with Toshiba saying it intends to reach a deal to buy the Japanese conglomerate’s memory-chip business by the end of September, Toshiba said. in 19 hours

Electric Cars Won’t Offset Diesel Sales Drop in Europe

European auto makers say their focus is on building more gasoline-powered cars and making diesel engines cleaner until the market favors electric cars. in a day

There’s a Speeding Mass of Space Junk Orbiting Earth, Smashing Into Things

A growing band of debris and tiny satellites imperils the Hubble Space Telescope and equipment used for phones, national security and weather forecasting. Officials worry the clutter might eventually make some parts of space unusable. 54in 2 hours

Supreme Court Reinstates Travel Ban’s Refugee Restrictions

The Supreme Court again ordered the reinstatement of the Trump administration’s controls on refugee entry into the U.S., another shift in the seesaw legal battle over President Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban. 158in 12 hours

Crews Face Herculean Task Restoring Power

Block by block and city by city, utilities face one of the largest power-restoration challenges in U.S. history as they bring back electricity to more than 15 million people left in the dark after Hurricane Irma.in 11 hours

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