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THE NEW YORK TIMES-Trump Backs Bill That Favors Immigrants With Skills

Trump Backs Bill That Favors Immigrants With Skills

  • The legislation would emphasize education and job abilities over family ties for immigrants trying to enter the country legally.
  • Critics said the bill, which would cut legal immigration in half within a decade, would keep out badly needed low-wage workers.

Harvard Admissions Quotas Hurt Asian- Americans, Suit Says

In the battle over affirmative action in college admissions, a lawsuit claims that Harvard penalizes Asian-Americans for their high achievement and gives preference to other minorities.

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An Australian Dairy Cocooned in Chinese Loans

The acquisition of Australia’s largest dairy was funded by loads of debt, the type of opaque deal-making that worries regulators around the world.

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  • As Europe continues to sour on diesel cars, German officials and auto executives met in an attempt to contain a crisis of confidence that threatens thousands of jobs.
  • Gösta Peterson, a photographer who made fashion history with his magazine covers of a once-spurned black model, Naomi Sims, and a British waif nicknamed Twiggy, has died at 94.
  • The rapper Kidd Creole was charged with killing a homeless person in Manhattan. He’s a founding member of the group Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five.
  • Maine is raising its smoking age to 21, making it the fourth state to do so. State lawmakers overrode the governor’s veto to pass the law, which also covers e-cigarettes.
  • Amazon sent a message with its jobs fair: We’re hiring thousands. The nationwide event illustrated the company’s ascendance and seemingly insatiable need for workers.
  • The worst enemies of Lyme disease might be foxes and other predatory mammals, researchers say. They prey on the mice and other rodents that pass the pathogen to ticks.
  • The Philadelphia Phillies said Pete Rose would not participate in their Alumni Weekend after a woman said she had a sexual relationship with him when she was 15.
  • A small business got a burst of publicity afterFrank Ocean wore one of its T-shirts during a concert. Then came the copyright complications over the viral quote on the shirt.
  • Brazilian soccer star Neymar is set to leave Barcelona for Paris St.-Germain in a $263 million deal that would double the world transfer record.
  • An Airbnb guest has sued the company, saying it failed to do a background check that would have uncovered the previous arrest of a host who she said sexually assaulted her.
  • Ara Parseghian, the Notre Dame football coach who brought the Fighting Irish out of decline and returned the program to greatness in the 1960s and ’70s, has died. He was 94.
  • A new film about the 1980 massacre in Gwangju, South Korea, has an unlikely protagonist: the taxi driver who made sure a foreign journalist got there.
  • I know if I meet a guy and he happens to be the right one, I can marry him. But if I meet a woman, I can’t. That’s crazy.
    We talked to Australians ahead of parliament debating a bill to legalize same-sex marriage.
  • The new French government was ordered by the country’s highest administrative body to do more to ease the plight of migrants, and at least provide water and toilets for them.
  • A blistering heat wave is threatening the Pacific Northwest, sending temperatures as high as 104 degrees in Seattle, where only one-third of homes have air conditioning.
  • Twelve inmates escaped an Alabama jail afterusing peanut butter to trick a rookie guard. By Tuesday night, they had all been recaptured.
  • Kanye West has filed a $10 million lawsuitagainst several insurers. He says they are trying to deny a claim for his canceled “Saint Pablo” tour dates.
  • Documents released in a lawsuit against Monsanto have raised questions about the agrochemical company’s efforts to influence the news media and scientific research.
  • “The Sinner,” a new mini-series on USA starring Jessica Biel, is a whydunit: It starts with a murder in front of witnesses and works its way back toward a motive.
  • A federal jail in Brooklyn has relatively few female inmates. Yet it accounts for a disproportionate number of sexual assault cases involving them.
  • A poll found that in most countries climate change and ISIS are seen as the biggest security threats, but Americans fear cyberattacks more than global warming.
  • After promising to make France more business friendly, President Emmanuel Macron is facing an uproar after he scuttled the takeover of a shipyard by an Italian company.
  • “Black America,” an Amazon drama planned by Will Packer, imagines a modern-day nation in the South that was founded by former slaves.
  • Starbucks is doubling down in China, opening more than a store a day there at a time when many United States companies are moving out amid concerns over volatility.
  • Following a similar move by Apple, Amazon’s partner in China told customers not to offer ways to dodge internet filters, as a new cybersecurity law takes effect.
  • Two utilities in South Carolina said they wouldabandon two unfinished nuclear reactors, ending a costly project that was expected to showcase advanced nuclear technology.
  • J.K. Rowling apologized to the family of a boy with spina bifida after accusing President Trump of ignoring him. The boy’s mother said Ms. Rowling had misinterpreted the situation.
  • The Metropolitan Museum handed over a 2,300-year-old vase to the authorities over concerns that it may have been illegally dug up from an Italian grave.
  • A new law in Tunisia makes it easier to prosecute domestic abuse, forbids sexual harassment in public and calls for the police to be trained to handle abuse cases.
  • Sitting next to Commissioner Roger Goodell, an N.F.L. rookie addressed questions about player safety by saying “if I had a perfect place to die, I would die on the field.”

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