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WSJ-Delayed Vote Dims Outlook on GOP Health-Care Bill

Delayed Vote Dims Outlook on GOP Health-Care Bill

A Republican push to pass a sweeping health-care law experienced another setback as Senate leaders said they would delay a vote set for this week. 455in 15 hours

Trian to Launch Proxy Fight Against Procter & Gamble

Investor Nelson Peltz plans to launch a fight for a board seat at P&G, in an effort to jolt the consumer-products giant whose sales and profit growth stalled. in 20 hours

A Fund Goes Bust in the Oil Patch

A $2 billion private-equity fund that borrowed heavily to buy oil and gas wells before energy prices plunged is now worth essentially nothing, a debacle that is wiping out investments by pensions, endowments and charitable foundations. 69in 5 hours

Billionaires Build an Uneasy Hotel Partnership

Bill Gates and Prince al-Waleed bought Four Seasons for $3.8 billion near a market peak, feuded over matters large and small, then made up. After a truce, they have been trying to whip their investment into shape. in 9 hours

In Urban Hot Spots, Housing Growth Stalls

Some of the toughest places to build new housing in the U.S. are older urban, low-rise neighborhoods like Venice, Calif. Brimming with affluent young residents and technology startups, Venice is one of the nation’s hottest neighborhoods, yet it hasn’t gained a single housing unit in 15 years. 55in 16 hours

China Blocks Big Banks From Lending to Dalian Wanda

Chinese regulators have ordered the nation’s big banks to put the brakes on loans to Dalian Wanda Group, the giant property and entertainment company owned by billionaire Wang Jianlin. in 21 hours

Venezuelans Voice Opposition in Symbolic Vote

Millions of Venezuelans at home and abroad voted in an unauthorized referendum staged by government opponents to defy President Nicolás Maduro and his plans to rewrite the country’s constitution. in 20 hours


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