terça-feira, 4 de julho de 2017

THE WASHINGTON POST-North Korea claims successful test of intercontinental ballistic missile

If the missile’s capabilities are confirmed, it would mark a major development in North Korea’s campaign to develop a nuclear-tipped weapon capable of hitting the mainland United States. As early details of the launch emerged, President Trump weighed in on Twitter to call out Kim Jong Un. He also appeared to call on China to do more to pressure North Korea’s leader.
The decision could set back the Trump administration’s broad legal strategy for rolling back regulations put into place during the Obama White House. It also underscores the extent to which activists are turning to the courts to block policy shifts.
Struggling to treat hepatitis C patients on Medicaid — whose drugs can cost as much as $94,500 — the state may ask the U.S. government to invoke a little-known law to essentially override company patents.
An airliner passes in front of the sun. (Getty Images)
An airliner passes in front of the sun. (Getty Images)
When it's really hot, airplanes need to reduce weight to get off the ground. Researchers predict that because of climate change, by 2050 the most at-risk airports, including Washington's Reagan National Airport, could see four times as many days where passengers are left waiting in the terminal.
For some, photos of the N.J. governor on a closed public beach during a government shutdown were a reflection of who Christie has always been: a flawed brawler who relishes the limelight and who deliberately ignores decorum.
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The plan is the first of its kind for a large school district and will take effect in 2020.
As the march has grown, opponents of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan have seemed taken aback by their own success, and increasingly venomous responses from the government suggest they've touched a nerve.
The author of the Declaration of Independence was too sick to attend the 50th anniversary on July 4, 1826 but he celebrated what had been achieved.
Medical Mystery
Friends had sailed through the hand operation, but now she was worse than ever.
Two years after the drug was legalized, puffing in public remains prohibited. But the distinctive smell can often be detected in unexpected places.
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The president was shown as a flame-haired man wearing a suit made of dollar bills, drooling onto a pile of books.
The mixture of volcanic ash and quicklime reacts with seawater to create a rare crystal called tobermorite, which may resist fracturing. One engineer called it "the most durable building material in human history."

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