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THE WALL STREET JOURNAL-Trump and Putin Spar on Hacks, Act on Syria


Trump and Putin Spar on Hacks, Act on Syria

In a highly anticipated meeting, the American and Russian presidents disagreed over election interference and the best approach to North Korea, but made tentative progress toward curbing the bloodshed in Syria. 1714in 21 hours

U.S., Russia Reach Deal on Cease-Fire in Southwest Syria

The limited deal, which takes effect Sunday, was designed to show the two powers can find ways to cooperate. 169in 20 hours

U.S. Jobs Growth Picks Up, but Wage Gains Lag Behind

U.S. employers are churning out jobs unabated as the economic expansion enters its ninth year, but the inability to generate more robust wage growth represents a missing piece in a largely complete labor recovery. 310in 21 hours

Warren Buffett and Oncor: Let the Battle of the Billionaires Begin?

Berkshire Hathaway’s $9 billion deal for Texas electric-utility Oncor might spark a rival bid from Elliott Management, the hedge fund run by billionaire Paul Singer that is the biggest bondholder of Oncor’s troubled parent. in a day

‘People Are Dying Here’: Federal Hospitals Fail Native Americans

Facilities of the Indian Health Service, the government program charged with treating Native Americans, have been sanctioned for dangerous, faulty care, leaving often-impoverished patients on remote reservations without the services required by law. 384in 13 hours

Wall Street Cash Pumps Up Oil Production Even as Prices Sag

Easy Wall Street funding is leading American shale companies to expand drilling even as most lose money on every barrel of oil they bring to the surface. in 19 hours

Forget an IPO, ‘Coin Offerings’ Are New Road to Startup Riches

“Initial Coin Offerings,” are exploding in value. So far this year, companies have raised more than $1 billion through this new, unregulated fundraising method that is based in the world of cryptocurrencies. in 11 hours

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