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THE WASHINGTON POST-How one band is trying to make it in a music industry turned upside down

Fears that proposed cuts would fray the social safety net are creating anxiety for Republican moderates whose states have benefited from the ACA’s expansion of Medicaid. Those centrists may pose just as much an obstacle to the bill’s passage as their colleagues on the right.
One group wants a “more dramatic” reversal of the Affordable Care Act. An official with the Koch network said the debate has focused too much on the number of insured people and not enough on outcomes. 
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The president’s tweets criticizing his predecessor for not doing more to stop Russian interference suggest without proof that Obama administration officials tried to help Hillary Clinton.
The Orwells perform at A&R Music Bar in Columbus, Ohio. It’s the band’s 34th show since February. (Jorge Ribas/The Post)
For bands such as The Orwells, breaking through today means going viral, scoring “syncs” and vying for attention in a system tilted toward the Drakes and Rihannas. The shift to music streaming threatens almost everyone hoping to earn enough money to sustain a musicmaking career. “It’s all about getting your numbers up on the Internet,” Orwells guitarist Matt O’Keefe said.
Thousands have been arrested amid the chaos over the past 10 weeks of protests against the government, and some say the abuse while in custody is so abhorrent that they were “forced to eat raw pasta with human excrement.”
(Video: Whitney Leaming, Osman Malik/Post; photo: AFP/Getty; illustration: Nick Kirkpatrick/Post)
In political terms, Russia’s interference was the crime of the century. It was a case that took almost no time to solve and was traced to Russian President Vladimir Putin. But because of the ways President Barack Obama and President Trump handled it, the Kremlin has yet to face severe consequences. Through interviews with more than three dozen current and former U.S. officials, The Post tells the inside story of how the Obama administration handled the Kremlin’s meddling in the 2016 U.S. election.
The story must be told.
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A plea to Virginia’s governor for a life term for William C. Morva — who faces execution for the killing of two men in 2006 — has come amid a drive to end capital punishment for the severely mentally ill.
After the tanker flipped over on the highway, people who rushed to the scene to gather leaking fuel were killed when it burst into flames. At least 148 people died and 50 people remain in critical condition, officials said.
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Research shows that women are less likely than men to be introduced by professional title when men did the introducing.
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The slaying of a 16-year-old was the latest in a string of anti-Muslim attacks in India during the Islamic holy period of Ramadan. Tensions have risen since the Hindu nationalist government restricted the sale of cattle for slaughter.
Cynthia Marie Randolph has been charged with two first-degree felony counts of injury to a child, police said, after her original explanation for her children’s deaths unraveled.
Americans use half a billion plastic drinking straws every day, according to one estimate, and conversationalists say straws are among the top five plastic items volunteers clean from beaches. Now there’s a growing movement to eliminate them from restaurants and homes.
In the latest installment of his Twitter war with President Trump, Schwarzenegger recruited the French president, who, like the actor, has been outspoken about climate change — and about Trump.
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Don't go if you can't afford it. Don't go if you're deathly ill. Just stay home.
Beer lovers increasingly favor ultra-fresh beer, but confusing labels don’t make it easy to find.
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A New York show has the feel of a retrospective, as it traces the arc of the glass artist’s career.

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