domingo, 14 de maio de 2017

THE WASHINGTON POST-George Conway helped sow chaos for Bill Clinton. Now he could be picked to keep order in Washington.

Republican Lindsey Graham and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer were among leaders in both parties requesting that any recordings of White House conversations be turned over for review immediately. Sen. Mike Lee, a former federal prosecutor, said “it’s probably inevitable” that such tapes would be subpoenaed.
Fox News’s Chris Wallace highlighted who was not on the guest list and said the White House offered to book senior officials who would instead talk about the president’s first overseas trip while in office.
In choosing how and when to fire FBI Director James Comey — a subject of considerable debate in the White House — the president characteristically followed his gut. The aftermath plunged his administration into its most serious self-inflicted crisis yet.
The Conways in January. (Getty)
The Conways in January. (Getty)
Kellyanne Conway’s husband was a shadow player in the Lewinsky scandal. He seems to be on track to lead the Justice Department’s civil division, tasked with guarding President Trump and his policies from legal challenges.
“What brings us together is we are white, we are a people, we will not be replaced,” said the man who coined the term “alt-right.” He organized two protests Saturday against plans to remove the Confederate monument in Charlottesville.

The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations commented after analysts said North Korea appeared to have tested a new kind of missile with a longer range.
More than 150 nations have had networks crippled since the “ransomware” attack started Friday, Europol said. The number of victims is expected to swell Monday because workers who left their computers on over the weekend could return to find that they were hacked.
The latest episode of “Saturday Night Live” included a sketch with McCarthy-as-Spicer and Alec Baldwin’s President Trump, who delivered a “kiss of death” that bordered on an intense make-out session.
President Trump mostly gave up athletics after college because he “believed the human body was like a battery, with a finite amount of energy, which exercise only depleted.” The human body actually becomes stronger with exercise, experts say, adding that yes, exercise depletes energy stores, but eating replenishes them.
The centrist newcomer fought a tough campaign against far-right firebrand Marine Le Pen. Now the man who embraces a borderless European Union faces steep challenges in his bid to defuse a populist threat.
Mother’s Day
(Jabin Botsford/Post)
(Jabin Botsford/Post)
Her first Mother’s Day as first lady is an important marker, perhaps more for Melania Trump than her predecessors. The reason she has given for not fully engaging with the duties of her office and not moving into the White House is her commitment to care for her son, Barron.
Blood from the carcass turned the water near the coastline a bright red, but that didn’t stop locals from wading in for a closer look and snapping pictures.
Driver, who was hospitalized overnight after the crash at Kansas Speedway, is headed home to North Carolina for further treatment.
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Honda should give a raise to whoever designed this car: It’s boldly styled, fuel efficient and zippy.
A bright, comfortable family room suits both kids and adults. 
Dan Barber — who is synonymous with farm-to-table eating — learned that “food is love” from his aunt.

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