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THE WALL STREET JOURNAL-France Rushes to Limit Impact of Macron Hack

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France Rushes to Limit Impact of Macron Hack

French authorities attempted to contain the fallout from a computer hack of Emmanuel Macron’s political party, less than a day before the country votes in a presidential election. 283

Warren Buffett Is Making Plans for a Lower Tax Rate

Berkshire Hathaway is already examining ways to benefit from the lower corporate tax rate proposed by President Donald Trump, Chairman Warren Buffett said at the company’s annual meeting Saturday. 11 minutes ago

Politics in the Pulpit: Some Clergy See Downsides to Taking Sides

Not every preacher is rushing to join the political fray from the pulpit after President Donald Trump signed an executive order effectively lifting the ban on tax-exempt organizations. 119

U.S. Pressures Abbas to End Controversial Family Payments

The U.S., hoping to revive stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, is pressuring Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to end payments to families with relatives imprisoned in Israeli jails and to families of those killed while attacking Israelis.

Always Dreaming Wins Kentucky Derby

Pushing the pace from the start, Always Dreaming ran away from the rest of the 20-horse field. Looking at Lee ran second, while Battle of Midway finished third. 7 minutes ago

Nigeria Frees Boko Haram Suspects in Exchange for Girls

It was the largest release negotiated in the fight to save nearly 300 girls whose mass abduction exposed the mounting threat posed by the Islamic State-linked fighters.

Labor Shortage Squeezes Builders

As demand for commercial real estate climbs, contractors say they are seeing shortages of electricians, carpenters and other subcontractor laborers, making it harder to hold down costs. 68

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