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THE WASHINGTON POST-SPECIAL REPORT DEA falters in major effort to hold drug company accountable in opioid epidemic

After six years and four investigations that spanned five states, the government has taken no legal action against Mallinckrodt, one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of the highly addictive painkiller oxycodone. Instead, the company has reached a tentative settlement with prosecutors in a case that shows how difficult it is to hold a drug maker responsible for the damage done by its product.
Ahead of his 100th day in office, President Trump has struggled to build a governing coalition that matches the nontraditional alliance that put him in the Oval Office. And he has turned to making enemies out of former supporters among Republicans in Congress, even as Democrats keep him at arm’s length.
Lawmakers will embark on a final, and perhaps bitter, round of debate this week, and the GOP-controlled Senate will likely confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch — but only if it changes the chamber’s rules to end filibusters for high court selections.
Scenes from Durant, Okla. (Cooper Neill for The Post)
Scenes from Durant, Okla. (Cooper Neill for The Post)
In places such as Durant, Okla. — a town of 16,000 where federal funds are vital for programs that serve the poor and working class — excitement for Trump’s presidency has been dulled by confusion over an agenda that seems aimed at hurting their community more than helping it.
More than a dozen survivors and army defectors described the conditions inside the hospital, known as 601, where prisoners were starved, beaten and shackled to beds crammed with other men as corpses piled up. Investigators say that the testimony offers some of the most concrete evidence of crimes against humanity that could one day see senior Syrian government figures tried in court.
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Their immediate goal is to pressure Democratic senators on Neil Gorsuch’s Supreme Court nomination. But down the road, some of the groups could end up turning their focus on lawmakers who cross Trump, including members of his own party.
With more than 96 percent of the ballots counted, candidate Lenín Moreno appeared headed to a narrow victory and his conservative opponent Guillermo Lasso denounced the results as fraudulent. Clashes were reported in several cities.
(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)
A police initiative to tap the power of social media morphed into a perceived epidemic of missing girls in the nation’s capital. Now the mayor and police are in crisis mode as they try to separate fact from fiction.
With her statements on Russia, Israel and Syria, the ambassador to the United Nations is a tough-talking bellwether for the administration and has adopted a higher profile than most Cabinet officials including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.
The audience for the Academy of Country Music Awards show appeared to come alive as the band transitioned from their single with Florida Georgia Line to one of their their ’90s pop hits.
Scott Walker’s proposal is one of several changes that Republican state leaders hope to impose in their programs in the wake of the failure to pass an Affordable Care Act replacement last month.
Philip Baker Hall is sort of the “Where’s Waldo” of acting. Audiences know his face, certainly his voice, but many people have trouble conjuring his name. Think of a show, Hall’s probably been on it.
 NCAA Tournament
The Gamecocks beat their Southeastern Conference rival Bulldogs for the third time this season, and Sunday's 67-55 championship-clinching victory was by far the sweetest.

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