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THE WALL STREET JOURNAL-Battle Over Gorsuch Confirmation Is Set to Hit Senate Floor

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Battle Over Gorsuch Confirmation Is Set to Hit Senate Floor

An acrimonious Senate floor battle over the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch is set to begin Tuesday when Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is expected to use a procedural tool to limit debate on the nomination to 30 hours. 18 minutes ago

Why Trump, Against His Instincts, Spared Iraq From the Travel Ban

National-security officials, after getting an earful from Iraq on why it did not belong on a list of restricted countries, quietly made their case to the president—who grudgingly revised his order. 126

Tesla Steps on the Gas, Overtakes Ford in Value

The upstart Silicon Valley electric-car maker run by Elon Musk has overtaken Ford as the second-largest U.S. auto maker by stock-market value. 380

Tech Founders Want IPO Riches Without Those Pesky Shareholders

In a growing number of stock offerings, insiders are winding up with far more votes than shares. Snap’s new shareholders in last month’s IPO got no say in how the company is run. 62

The Latest Perk to Keep Mothers at Work

Companies have been adding new benefits for working parents as they seek to hang on to employees balancing family and work. One of the latest is Fifth Third’s maternity concierge service, which helps mothers with stroller recommendations, day-care options and more. 24 minutes ago

Rising Yuan Undercuts Trump’s Currency Manipulation Claims

As China’s leader prepares to head to the U.S. this week, there’s a new twist in the persistent argument that China is keeping its currency artificially low against the dollar. The yuan has recently been rising.

Google Says Former Driverless-Car Executive Developed Rival Before Exit

Google accused its former driverless-car executive Anthony Levandowski of quietly developing a competing company for more than three years before he left the internet giant and eventually sold the business to Uber, according to legal documents released Monday.

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