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THE WASHINGTON POST-‘There’s been a mistake. ‘Moonlight,’ you guys won.’: An Oscars shocker, in more ways than one

Oscars 2017
“La La Land” producer Jordan Horowitz holds up the card reading the actual best picture winner, “Moonlight.” (Getty Images)
Underdog “Moonlight” claimed the best picture award, beating the anticipated favorite — and mistakenly announced — “La La Land.” But despite the dramatic ending of the awards show, this year’s Oscars represented a comeback win for diversity, with performers of color represented in all of the acting categories.
For all the weirdness of the show’s finale, the best picture win sends an encouraging message about Hollywood.
With our collective nerves already fried, the Oscars were again wearing thin — and then came a shocker from Beatty and Dunaway.
While leaving most of the detail work to Capitol Hill, top administration aides are debating how far and fast Republicans can afford to move when it comes to undoing the Affordable Care Act. But President Trump himself remains the biggest wild card, repeatedly suggesting that his new plan is nearly complete.
A few converging factors — including the Democratic Party not being ready to reject the Obama legacy —blunted his momentum.
(Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post)
(Michael S. Williamson/The Washington Post)
A 370-mile drive across the state led to interviews with more than 100 voters, who revealed fresh misgivings about the new president.
Philip Bilden, a businessman and former military intelligence officer in the Army Reserve, cited concerns about privacy and separating himself from his business interests in announcing his withdrawal from consideration.
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Less than six weeks after leaving Beijing, Max Baucus expressed frustration with the Obama administration’s lack of strategic vision when it came to China, but he also accused President Trump of blundering around without even a basic understanding of the country.
A senior White House spokeswoman said she believes the president will support the request from the father of William “Ryan” Owens. The chief petty officer died during a raid on al-Qaeda last month in Yemen.
Younger immigrants are worried over the future of an Obama-era deferred-action program and fear that the Department of Homeland Security could use their enrollment information to detain and deport them.
Margaret Sullivan
Media Columnist
Ellsberg believes whistleblowers are the best defense against a government obsessed with secrecy — but he fears there aren’t enough of them.
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A year after the high-profile killing of a Japanese woman attending Carnival, a growing protest movement — and a popular song — are at the forefront of a push for changes in the way women are treated during the country’s best-known cultural event and year-round.
Bill Paxton
A family representative said Paxton, 61, died of complications from surgery. Some of his better-known roles included playing a treasure hunter in “Titanic” and a polygamist in the HBO series “Big Love.”
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