domingo, 12 de fevereiro de 2017

AL JAZEERA NEWS-Washington and Tehran dial up war of words as risk of another military action in the Middle East rises.

Romanians defy freezing weather to protest for 13th day

At least 60,000 gather in Bucharest to call for the government's resignation for trying to curb anti-corruption fight.

US-Iran relationship 'getting very dangerous'

Washington and Tehran dial up war of words as risk of another military action in the Middle East rises.

Paris rally over alleged police rape descends into riot

Anger over rape of 22-year-old black youth worker boils over as more than 2,000 gather outside courthouse in Bobigny.

Israel diplomat courted SNP deputy leader ahead of trip

Al Jazeera reveals how Shai Masot courted senior Scottish politician, raising questions over political interference.

Paris police say rape of black man an 'accident'

More protests planned as assault on 22-year-old arrested in Paris suburb is deemed accidental by French investigators.

Hungary to detain refugees in container camps on border

Tough new measure adopted after prime minister said country needed to protect itself from 'terror' threat.

Week in Pictures : From Yemen air raids to Manila fire

More air raids in Yemen, a horrific fire in the Philippines, and celebrations in Somalia. Here is the week in pictures.

Romania, Bulgarians are jealous

As they watched across the Danube River, Bulgarians wished they could do what the Romanians spectacularly did.

What Europeans think of a ban on Muslim immigration

More than 10,000 people were asked in 2016 whether further immigration from Muslim-majority countries should be halted.

Romania's justice minister quits as protests continue

Florin Iordache, co-architect of controversial corruption measure that set off rallies, resigns citing 'public opinion'.

Russian opposition leader Navalny found guilty of fraud

Kremlin critic gets five-year suspended sentence in retrial, which bars him from running for president in next election.

Romania government survives no-confidence vote

Motion follows biggest protests in decades against decree that would have decriminalised some corruption offences.

Avdiivka, evacuating again as fighting escalates

Civilians in Avdiivka wonder if they will survive the cold nights and random, incessant shelling.

EU should invest in development, not security in Africa

The EU must espouse a transnational approach with a clear development agenda that replaces its current security policy.

Romania protests: Voices from the street

Thousands demonstrating even after government repealed a decree that would have spared corrupt officials from jail.

Thousands of Roma made homeless in France in 2016

More than six in 10 Roma families forcibly evicted as persecution against community rises, civil rights groups report.

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