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THE WASHINGTONPOST-New era begins as Trump set to take oath

President-elect Donald Trump has promised to undo some of the most significant pieces of President Obama’s legacy — including his signature health-care law. But Trump also enters office with a significant amount of uncertainty, since he has repeatedly contradicted other Republicans — and himself — on major questions about how immigration, taxes, health care and other issues will be handled.
The 45th president will inherit a nation as deeply polarized as it has been in years and with no signs of a reconciliation on the horizon. Can Trump change that? Will he even try?
The president-elect could not resist plugging his newest property as he prepared to assume office. But when Trump becomes president, he may be in violation of his lease for the building, which is owned by the federal government.
Officers used chemical spray after a small group of protesters began throwing trash at Trump supporters leaving a celebration gala.
(The Washington Post)
“Four years ago, I didn’t stay quite as long as I’m likely to stay tonight,” Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said at a gala for his home state as Washington revisited its ritual of one political party exulting in the other’s defeat.
Die-hard Democrats are still trying to figure out which of their roughly 1,600 neighbors were the 482 people who voted for Trump. Lifelong Republicans say they voted for him, often reluctantly, but they didn’t expect him to win.
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The notorious kingpin, who was recaptured a year ago after his second escape from a Mexican prison, is wanted in the United States for drug trafficking and other crimes.
Before the avalanche, many guests were preparing to leave the hotel because of recent earthquakes, but the road was blocked by snow.
Despite the largest federal investment ever targeted to failing schools, graduation rates, test scores and college enrollment for those that got money under the program were no different from schools that did not receive funds.
The rift in the Larsen C ice shelf has advanced by 17 miles in a little more than a month, continuing to suggest that a very large break could be coming.
Last month she passed the service’s Ranger Assessment and Selection Program, designed to weed out soldiers not capable of meeting the intense missions and demands of the Army’s premier light-infantry raid force.
While suspected steroid users have gained votes, the opposite has happened for Curt Schilling, whose comments about Muslims, Hillary Clinton backers and journalists have been viewed as over the line by some Hall of Fame voters.
(Matt McClain/The Washington Post)
(Matt McClain/The Washington Post)
“I like to do stuff that scares me,” said Michael Wardain, who is joining 32 other adventure seekers on a journey to push the limits of their bodies and minds.

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