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WSJ-Trump’s Son-in-Law Could Get Key White House Role

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Trump’s Son-in-Law Could Get Key White House Role

Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who became a close adviser in the presidential campaign, is likely to take a top White House job, people familiar with the presidential transition say. 406in 2 days

Trump’s Team Makes Overtures to Democrats

President-elect Donald Trump is making overtures to Democrats, meeting with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and signaling support for a public-works building program. 53in 2 days

AT&T Deal to Test Business Climate Under Trump

Businesses will watch to see if the phone giant can push its merger with Time Warner through a still-undefined presidency. Cabinet appointments will help determine the outcome. in 2 days

Bank of Japan Plans to Buy Unlimited JGBs at Fixed Rates

The move is the first clear sign that the central bank intends to take action to keep a lid on yields, and caught markets off guard. in 2 days

Theranos Whistleblower Shook the Company—And His Family

Tyler Shultz says he wanted to shield the reputation of former Secretary of State George Shultz, a Theranos director and his grandfather. His efforts opened a rift in the family. 280in 2 days

Yuan’s Slide Is Tied More to Economics Than to Trump Win

Donald Trump has accused China of driving down the yuan, but Beijing’s recent moves to let its currency weaken faster than expected appear to have more to do with the country’s property bubble and the dollar’s strength. 50in 2 days

Facebook Says It Found More Miscalculated Metrics

Facebook has found more discrepancies in how it calculated measurements related to how consumers interact with content, raising more questions about the metrics that marketers lean on to decide whether to buy ads on the social network. in 2 days

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