terça-feira, 1 de novembro de 2016

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL-Pipeline Explosion Sends Gas, Diesel Prices Higher

Pipeline Explosion Sends Gas, Diesel Prices Higher

Gasoline and diesel prices were higher after a major fuel artery was severed for the second time in two months, cutting off the pipeline that supplies much of the East Coast with gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. 84in 2 days

Iraqi Forces Enter Islamic State Stronghold of Mosul

Iraqi security forces entered Mosul on Tuesday, with fighting breaking out in a neighborhood inside the Islamic State-held city, officials said. in 2 days

Greece Blocked EU Sanctions on Iran Bank

Greece brushed off pressure from Washington and leading European capitals last month and vetoed a European Union decision to renew its antiterror sanctions on Iran’s largest bank, U.S., Greek and European officials say. in 2 days

A Visit From the SEC? Not for Many Money Managers

The SEC has failed to conduct an on-site examination of thousands of money managers it oversees, despite doubling spending over the past 13 years. in 2 days


Places Most Unsettled by Rapid Demographic Change Are Drawn to Trump

A Wall Street Journal analysis of 15 years of data shows the fastest changes in racial diversity occurring in small Midwestern towns. The cultural shift appears to be driving the immigration debate and moving the political needle. 243in 2 days

Election Offers Stark Choices on Supreme Court’s Future

When Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump describe their ideal Supreme Court justice, they lay out strikingly different visions of how American law may develop for years to come after Election Day. 138in 2 days

Trump Shifts Attacks to Obamacare, Health-Care Costs

Donald Trump turned from attacking Hillary Clinton over her emails to focusing on voters’ pocketbook issues, denouncing President Barack Obama’s health-care law and the recent rise in individual insurance premiums. in 2 days

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