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WSJ-Trump Steps Up Claims of a ‘Rigged’ Election

What’s News

Iraq Forces Begin Battle to Dislodge ISIS From Mosul

A diverse coalition of Iraqi forces launched a long-awaited offensive against Islamic State in Mosul. Reclaiming the nation’s second-largest city is seen as essential to the battle against the militant group. 122in 2 days

Stock Prices Under Threat as Global Trade Becomes a Pariah

Slowing world trade growth and unruly politics from Brexit to the U.S. presidential election have some worried that a slowdown in globalization could be the next big drag on stocks. in 2 days

Restaurant Chains Get Burned by Overexpansion, New Rivals

The U.S. is having one of its biggest restaurant shakeouts in years: In one recent week alone, three restaurant companies filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.while at least five other operators filed for court protection this year. 103in 2 days

How Caterpillar’s Big Bet Backfired

CEO Doug Oberhelman, taking over in 2010 during a global commodities boom, invested heavily in production of machinery and equipment. Then commodities began their long slide. in 2 days


Trump Steps Up Claims of a ‘Rigged’ Election

Donald Trump intensified his charge that November’s election is rigged against him by media bias and malfeasance at the ballot box, after his running mate, Mike Pence, tried to temper the nominee’s rhetoric by saying the Republicans would accept the election result. 387in 2 days

Clinton Picks Up Support From Women, Swing Voters

Support from women and swing voters has boosted Hillary Clinton as Donald Trump navigates growing allegations of unwanted sexual contact, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds. 1989in 2 days

Deep-Red Utah Becomes an Election Wild Card

Utah, usually reliably Republican, is emerging as one of the most surprising wild cards in the 2016 race as some of Donald Trump’s policy proposals have met with fierce resistance from the state’s dominant Mormon Church. 51in 2 days

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