quinta-feira, 13 de outubro de 2016

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL-Trump Attacks Washington Insiders Over Clinton Emails

U.S. Hits Rebel-Held Sites in Yemen

The U.S. destroyed three radar sites in Yemen in a significant military response to recent attempted attacks against American warships, deepening the American role in the country’s civil war. in a day


Trump Attacks Washington Insiders Over Clinton Emails

Donald Trump’s attacks on fellow Republicans broadened to all of Capitol Hill, the Justice Department and the FBI, as the presidential nominees adjusted to a changed landscape. 441in a day

Multiple Women Accuse Donald Trump of Groping, Touching

Donald Trump faced fresh controversy over his treatment of women when several news organizations reported incidents in which women said he groped, touched or acted inappropriately toward them. 232in a day

Global Stocks Down After Weak China Export Data, Lower Oil

Stocks turned lower after data showed Chinese exports fell more steeply than expected last month and amid a downturn in the price of oil. in a day

Why the Vast Majority of Women in India Will Never Own a Smartphone

Technology, promoted as a social equalizer, is having the opposite effect in one of the world’s largest markets, where millions go without the information and tools transforming the lives of men. in a day

Rising Dollar Bedevils Fed’s Rate-Rise Plan

An October surge in the U.S. dollar is reawakening concerns over financial markets’ vulnerability to a likely Federal Reserve rate increase. in a day

Wells Fargo CEO Stumpf Steps Down Amid Scandal

Wells Fargo Chairman and Chief Executive John Stumpf is stepping down from both roles, effective immediately, as the bank’s sales tactics scandal continues to roil the firm. 302in a day

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