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THE WALL STREET JOURNAL-Millennials Cool on Clinton, Prompting Campaign Outreach

Millennials Cool on Clinton, Prompting Campaign Outreach

Hillary Clinton’s once-commanding lead among young voters has deflated as millennials look toward third-party candidates. 911in 21 hours

For the First Time, Trump Says Obama Was Born in U.S.

Donald Trump for the first time conceded that President Obama was born in the U.S., standing down from years of false accusations. 2271in 21 hours

Inside Wells Fargo’s High-Pressure Sales Culture

Bank employees say they were pushed hard to sell and feared being fired if they missed targets. 130in 18 hours

Deutsche Bank Settlement Could Strain Capital

Few analysts expect the lender to pay the full $14 billion demanded by the Justice Department, but even a quarter of that could pressure its already thin capital cushion. in 18 hours


Get Your Children Good and Dirty

Researchers are discovering how crucial microbes are to our health and to avoiding a range of newly common diseases. So it’s time to get dirty, eat better and stop overusing antibiotics. 59

U.S. Special Forces to Aid Turkish Troops in Syria

The U.S. has sent about 40 special-operations troops to work alongside Turkish forces to fight ISIS in northern Syria, a deployment U.S. officials view as a way to strengthen the relationship with a key ally in the fight against Islamic State. 73in a day


Playwright Edward Albee Dead at 88

The three-time Pulitzer Prize winner who challenged theatrical convention in masterworks such as “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” and “A Delicate Balance” died at his home in Montauk. in a day

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