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THE WALL STREET JOURNAL-Donald Trump, New Team Recast His TV Image Newly installed campaign chief execu


Donald Trump, New Team Recast His TV Image

Newly installed campaign chief executive Stephen Bannon and campaign manager Kellyanne Conway are steering Donald Trump away from a preoccupation with rallies and wall-to-wall TV interviews toward “moments” that show him as presidential, with a caring side. 336in a day

Obama, Stumping for Clinton, Blasts Trump’s Praise of Putin

In his first solo appearance on the campaign trail, President Obama accused Donald Trump of adopting the authoritarian Russian president as his “role model.” 685in 20 hours

Bayer Edges Closer to $65 Billion Deal for Monsanto

Germany’s Bayer and Monsanto are expected to announce a tie-up as early as Wednesday that would value the U.S. seed-maker at close to $130 a share, or more than $65 billion in total including debt. in a day

Selloff Takes Some Shine Off Energy Shares

Volatility in the stock market has shaken up even one of this year’s big winners. Energy shares tumbled Tuesday, ending the sector’s brief run as the biggest gainer in the S&P 500 so far this year. in a day

Inside Uber’s New Self-Driving Cars in Pittsburgh

Uber is inviting up to 1,000 Pittsburgh customers to experience the futuristic vehicles starting Wednesday in the first real-world test of self-driving cars for regular people. in a day

EpiPen Maker Mylan Dispenses Outsize Executive Pay

Mylan, assailed for hefty price increases on its lifesaving EpiPen, had the second-highest executive pay among all U.S. drug and biotech firms over the past five years, paying its top five managers a total of nearly $300 million. 385in 18 hours

Newport’s ‘Pleasure Lounge’ Aims to Ignite Cigarettes Sales

Two 18-wheelers have taken Newport lounges to events popular with young adults as part of Reynolds’ aggressive push to boost sales of the nation’s no. 2 cigarette brand. 54in a day

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