sábado, 27 de agosto de 2016

WSJ-Baton Rouge Flood Victims Get Help From Neighbor New Orleans

Regional Fed Chiefs Doubt Multiple Rate Increases Ahead

Two Fed regional bank presidents played down the likelihood of two rate increases this year, after the U.S. central bank’s second-in-command floated the idea a day ago. in 20 hours

Yellen Says Fed Could Expand Its Use of Bond Purchases

The central bank’s main tool for fighting the next recession could be bond-purchase programs, Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen said. 54in 18 hours

Bangladesh Police Kill Man Suspected of Planning Cafe Attack

Police shot dead a Canadian-Bangladeshi man they suspected was one of the main planners of last month’s attack on a cafe in Dhaka that killed more than 20 people. in 21 hours

FAA Tightens Safeguards on Lithium Batteries on Airplanes

Three years after fire-prone lithium batteries led to the temporary grounding of Boeing‘s flagship 787 fleet world-wide, U.S. regulators are ratcheting up safety standards. in 17 hours

Baton Rouge Flood Victims Get Help From Neighbor New Orleans

In 2005, Baton Rouge became a haven for refugees from Hurricane Katrina. This weekend, Katrina survivors are headed north to return the favor, helping out Baton Rouge residents whose homes were hit hard in recent floods. in 2 hours


Trump Says He Would Deport ‘Criminal Illegal Immigrants’

Donald Trump sought Saturday to reassert control of an immigration story line that has bedeviled his campaign in the last week, telling an Iowa audience that he would deport “criminal illegal immigrants” immediately upon being sworn into office. 299in a day


Farm-Equipment Makers Face Challenge at Industry Show

An annual gathering of thousands of farmers and the country’s biggest agribusiness starts Tuesday against one of the gloomiest economic backdrops for the U.S. Farm Belt in years. in 14 hours

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