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THE WASHINGTON POST- Rio brings samba style to Games’ opening

 Rio 2016
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The Summer Olympics kicked off in Opening Ceremonies with a gutted budget but a soaring feel, as a stadium nestled below a hillside pulsed with lights, fireworks, circus-like acrobats and a samba singalong typical of this nation’s fun-loving style.
Whether you’ve been waiting for the competition to begin in earnest, or you’re diving into coverage now, here’s what you need to know.
Campaign  2016
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Friday evening sought to end a high-stakes impasse with several members of his party’s leadership by delivering a formal endorsement of House Speaker Paul Ryan’s reelection after refusing to do so days earlier.
Although the concept of the same voters backing Obama and then Trump strikes many people as weird, the people making the choice say they’re consistent: In 2008, they wanted someone to shake things up, put the focus back on the middle class, reverse the country’s depressing sense of decline and stick it to the powers that be. This year, they still want the same things.

The health agency wants to end its ban on research into the controversial practice that yields “chimera” organisms.
Campaign  2016
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Donald Trump announced a new team of ultra-rich financiers and businessmen as his core economic advisers, bringing high-profile names to his inner circle but also possibly stepping on his populist claims to save the middle class.
Officials released footage of the deadly encounter late last month between officers and Paul O’Neal, an 18-year-old car theft suspect.
The Erdogan government’s claim that Fethullah Gulen masterminded last month’s coup attempt are “crazy allegations,” said defense attorney Reid Weingarten.
ESSAY | The “beach read” label for books was created as a marketing catch-all. But in practice, it has described disposable escapism read by white women.
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Bug bounty programs have been standard among most tech giants for years. Now that Apple has finally jumped on the bandwagon, it can “compete for the type of exploits available and control how they'll be used,” one analyst said.
"My heart is racing," Earledreka White told a 911 dispatcher during a traffic stop in Houston. "I’m really afraid.”

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