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THE WALL STREET JOURNAL-Trump Hopes for a Campaign Reboot


Trump Hopes for a Campaign Reboot

Donald Trump is trying to quickly reset his presidential campaign to address worsening poll numbers and growing isolation from influential members of the Republican Party. 395in a day

Japanese Emperor Indicates He Is Ready to Abdicate

Emperor Akihito said age and ill health could make it difficult for him to carry out his official duties, potentially paving the way for the most significant change to the imperial system since World War II. in a day


Voter Discord Isn’t Over Wages

If Americans vote their pocketbooks, two facts are proving increasingly hard to reconcile: Income gains in the U.S. have improved significantly since the last presidential election, yet more people are deeply unhappy. 272in 20 hours

Catastrophe Bonds Upend Insurance Industry

The oddball securities have exploded in popularity, helping issuers shield themselves against disasters, pandemics and even hackers, but profits are falling for traditional reinsurers. in 21 hours


Ledecky Wins Gold in 400-Meter Freestyle

Katie Ledecky broke the world record in the 400-meter freestyle with a time of 3:56:46, giving the 19-year-old American her first gold medal of the Rio Games, while Michael Phelps and the U.S. men won gold for the 4x100 freestyle relay. in a day

Localities Opt for Less Debt Over New Infrastructure

Plunging global interest rates have made borrowing cheap, but many are struggling with sluggish revenue growth and higher expenses. 223in 11 hours

Belgium Launches Terror Probe as ISIS Claims Machete Attack

Authorities have opened a terrorism probe following a weekend machete attack on two police officers in the city of Charleroi for which the extremist group Islamic State claimed responsibility. 77in a day

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