sábado, 6 de agosto de 2016

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL-Rio Olympics Open With Flair, Relief

Rio Olympics Open With Flair, Relief

With colorful Brazilian flourishes, the strains of samba, and a collective sigh of relief, the 2016 Summer Olympic Games officially opened Friday evening in this photogenic but stressed-out tropical city. in a day

Hawaii Reports Record Number of Tourist Visits for First Half of Year

Tourism in Hawaii for the first half of the year is at an all-time high, and state officials say the destination is on track for another record-breaking year. in a day


Full Employment Not Enough to Make Fed Start Lifting

The U.S. economy is getting closer to full employment, but the Federal Reserve may be willing to let it run hot. While the Fed is close to the employment part of its mandate, it’s still far off on inflation. 192in 16 hours

For More Cities, Downtown Is a Center of Economic Strength

Downtown areas, such as Philadelphia’s Center City, are gaining in jobs and incomes while surrounding neighborhoods decline. in 9 hours


Democrats Gained After Convention, GOP Position Weakened, Poll Says

One week after the end of their national convention, a new poll shows Democrats have gotten much of what they sought, while Republicans have seen their gains slip away. in a day

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