quinta-feira, 18 de agosto de 2016

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL-Police Say Lochte, Swimmers Made Up Rio Robbery Story

U.S. Says Payment to Iran Was ‘Leverage’ in Prisoner Release

The Obama administration said for the first time on Thursday that its $400 million cash payment to Iran in January was used as “leverage” to gain the release of American prisoners, fueling criticism that the exchange amounted to the U.S. paying ransom. 468in a day

Viacom, Redstone Near Settlement Ousting CEO Dauman

Philippe Dauman would relinquish his post as chief executive of Viacom as part of a settlement the company is completing with Sumner Redstone’s National Amusements. The deal would end a bitter feud and leadership crisis that has engulfed the media giant. in a day

Dividends Eat Up Bigger Slice of Company Profits

Big companies are handing more of their profits to shareholders than at any time since the financial crisis, as record-low bond yields put a premium on dividends. in a day

Key Figure in 1MDB Probe Arrested

Abu Dhabi authorities have arrested Khadem Al Qubaisi, who authorities say is a key figure in an alleged multibillion-dollar fraud related to a Malaysian sovereign-wealth fund, according to people familiar with the matter. in a day


Police Say Lochte, Swimmers Made Up Rio Robbery Story

Images from a Rio gas station taken the morning Ryan Lochte and three other U.S. swimmers were allegedly robbed at gunpoint appeared to undermine their story. 794in a day


Clintons Plan to Scale Back Foundation If Hillary Is Elected

Former President Bill Clinton and his daughter, Chelsea, plan to stop raising money for the Clinton Foundation and turn over operations to independent parties if Hillary Clinton is elected president. 173in a day

Broad Insider-Trading Probe Focuses on Washington Analyst

David Blaszczak, ace predictor of Washington health-policy news, had personal access to federal officials and a knack for tipping off investors to their plans. He’s now facing a federal probe. in 21 hours

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