sexta-feira, 5 de agosto de 2016

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL-Clinton’s Lead Over Trump Widens to 9 Points, Poll Shows


Jobs Report: The Moment of Truth

Friday’s U.S. jobs report follows big swings in the May and June numbers; why an in-line report would be just right. in 18 hours

Suspects in Brussels, Paris Terror Plots Collected Welfare

Belgian investigators looking into recent terror plots have discovered that some of the suspects were collecting welfare benefits until shortly before they carried out their attacks. 172in a day

U.S. Not Persuaded to Extradite Imam Over Turkey Coup

Officials aren’t convinced by Ankara’s evidence against Fethullah Gulen, a Pennsylvania-based imam who Turkey says masterminded the recent failed putsch. in a day

BOE Adopts Central Banks’ Favorite New Tool: Buying Corporate Bonds

Two months after the European Central Bank started buying corporate bonds, the Bank of England has adopted a similar strategy. in a day


Clinton’s Lead Over Trump Widens to 9 Points, Poll Shows

Donald Trump has lost ground with voters since the party conventions, with a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll showing Hillary Clinton opening a 9-point lead. 838in a day

Firms Routinely Steer Analysts, in Efforts to Deliver Earnings Surprises

Nudging analysts and pointing to previous comments helps steer expectations almost always lower, helping the companies beat those targets. in 16 hours

Cash Flies Commercial and Other Secrets of Moving Money

The U.S.’s secret airlift of $400 million in cash to Iran in January is a reminder that even in an age of electronic money, there is still demand for cold, hard cash. Yet the business of moving cash around the world remains a largely secretive and burdensome specialty. in 20 hours

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