segunda-feira, 22 de agosto de 2016

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL-Brazil Passes the Torch, Proud and Relieved

Pfizer Nears Deal to Acquire Medivation for $14 Billion

Pfizer is nearing an agreement to buy biotech firm Medivation in a deal that would add one of the crown jewels of the multibillion-dollar market for cancer drugs to Pfizer’s portfolio. in a day

U.S. Faces Setback in Asia if TPP Trade Deal Doesn’t Pass

President Barack Obama’s troubled Pacific-region trade deal is threatening to become a foreign policy failure in Asia, where the U.S. loaded the accord with strategic significance as a counterweight to the rise of China. 175in a day

Seller’s Paradise: Companies Build Bonds for Central Bank to Buy

The ECB in two instances has bought bonds directly from European companies through private placements, a startling example of how banks and firms are adapting to the extremes of monetary policy. in 21 hours

At Kimberly-Clark, ‘Dead Wood’ Workers Have Nowhere to Hide

The diaper and tissue maker has shifted from a paternalistic company that resisted conflict to one focused on pushing workers to constantly improve, closely tracking progress and shedding laggards. 118in 21 hours


Brazil Passes the Torch, Proud and Relieved

Despite a backdrop of political turmoil and an Olympics punctuated with issues for the host country, Brazil closed the 2016 Games on an upbeat note. in a day


Silicon Valley Keeps Its Distance From Trump

Many Republican tech executives and donors are staying on the sidelines of the presidential race, citing Donald Trump’s rhetoric and policy stances and his lack of outreach to the community. 129in a day

U.S. Security Panel Clears ChemChina-Syngenta Deal

State-owned ChemChina said it received clearance from the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. for its planned $43 billion acquisition of Swiss pesticide and seed company Syngenta. in a day

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