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WSJ-Death Toll Rises to 142 in Baghdad Blast

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Death Toll Rises to 142 in Baghdad Blast

Islamic State claimed responsibility for a car bomb that exploded early Sunday in one of Baghdad’s busiest commercial areas, killing at least 142 people. 638in a day


Brexit Exposes Eurozone’s Weak Spot: Italy’s Banks

Brexit has made an already serious Italian banking crisis worse, and the stakes for Europe could hardly be higher, Simon Nixon writes. in a day

European Stocks Edge Down After Winning Streak

European stocks dropped slightly amid falls in auto, media and Italian bank shares, with trading expected to be subdued due to the Independence Day holiday in the U.S. in a day


PepsiCo Results to Give Investors Clues About Global Economy

Investors should get fresh hints on how economic volatility is affecting globe-trotting companies when PepsiCo reports its second-quarter results on Thursday. in 18 hours


When the Fourth of July Embraced Latin America Too

In the 1800s, Americans cheered their neighbors’ drive for independence, inspired by the cosmopolitan founding vision of the U.S. 98

Suicide Bomber Killed Near U.S. Consulate in Saudi Arabia

Only the attacker was killed in the explosion in Jeddah, although two members of the Saudi security forces were lightly injured in the attack, the Saudi government said. in a day

Pound’s Plunge Benefits Some Businesses, Punishes Others

Companies world-wide are trying to predict fallout from the U.K.’s vote to leave the European Union but for many with heavy U.K. exposure, one impact is already clear: big currency jolts. in 18 hours

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