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Dow Record Ends Yearlong Drought

The Dow Jones Industrial Average charged to a record Tuesday, surpassing its May 2015 milestone and ending the longest period without a record since the drought from October 2007 to March 2013. in a day

South China Sea Ruling Puts Beijing in a Corner

A tribunal emphatically rejected China’s territorial claims in the South China Sea, raising regional tensions and forcing Beijing into a conundrum over how to respond: ignore international law, or yield ground to its neighbors and the U.S. 84in a day

Tesla Has No Plans to Disable Autopilot Feature in Its Cars

Elon Musk has no plans to disable Tesla’s Autopilot function in the wake of a fatal crash of a Model S electric car. The auto maker instead plans to redouble efforts to educate customers. 115in 18 hours

May Set for U.K. Leadership, With Brexit Atop Agenda

Theresa May is set to become the U.K.’s prime minister, inheriting a long list of trade and political challenges in the divided nation that voted last month to leave the European Union. in a day

Loan Slump Might Turn Silicon Valley’s Anti-Bank Into a Bank

Fintech startup Social Finance, hurt by a lending slowdown and iffy funding, has toned down its tough talk and had talks about getting a bank charter. in 17 hours

Obama Calls for Unity as Dallas Mourns Slain Police Officers

At a memorial service for the five police officers slain in Dallas last week, President Barack Obama called for unity out of the tragedy that has shaken the nation, while saying that it has reopened longtime racial divides. 966in a day


Party Platforms Echo Voter Doubts on Trade

A Republican Party panel on Tuesday adopted policy language that largely adheres to presumptive nominee Donald Trump’s protectionist view of foreign trade, moving the platform away from positions long held by party leaders. 113in a day


The F-35 Roars Into Action at Farnborough Airshow


Underwater Microscope Reveals Secrets of Deep Sea


Inside Look at Disney's First Latina Princess


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