segunda-feira, 25 de julho de 2016

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL-Attack at Japan Facility for Disabled Kills at Least 19

Progressive Democrats Push to Quell Revolt

Leaders of the Democratic Party’s progressive wing worked to unify a party divided after a day of turmoil, with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders leading the effort for Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy. 330in a day

For Sanders Army, the Fight Isn’t Over

While Sen. Bernie Sanders didn’t win the Democratic primary, his foot-soldiers showed at the Democratic convention on Monday that they had one more battle they wanted to fight. 71in a day


Democratic Dilemma: Knock Trump or Boost Clinton?

Democrats want people to vote for Hillary Clinton. They also want people to vote against Donald Trump. Which to emphasize represents a fundamental strategic choice as the party frames its convention this week in Philadelphia, writes Gerald F. Seib. 314in a day

Pension Returns Slump, Squeezing States and Cities

Long-term returns for U.S. public pensions are expected to drop to the lowest levels ever recorded, intensifying a national debate over whether states and cities can continue to afford pension obligations. in a day

Attack at Japan Facility for Disabled Kills at Least 19

A man broke into a residence for the disabled outside Tokyo early Tuesday morning and stabbed to death 19 people, authorities said, one of the worst mass murders in recent decades in a country known for its low crime rate. 106in a day

Fraud Probe Hits Hedge Fund Tied to Jewish Community

Platinum Partners, a New York hedge-fund firm facing a probe into alleged bribery, is also under investigation into whether it has been paying exiting investors with money from incoming ones. 183in 14 hours

In Yahoo Deal, Verizon Sees Path to a Bigger Audience

Verizon’s planned acquisition of Yahoo deepens the nation’s largest wireless carrier’s investment in digital media but hands it a troubled company in need of restructuring. in a day

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