sábado, 7 de maio de 2016

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL-London Elects First Muslim Mayor

PHILIPPINES NEWS-ABS-CBN-Vicious campaign ends with scramble to stop Duterte

CBS NEWS-Police: D.C.-area shooting suspect in custody

JAPAN TIMES-Abe meets Putin to advance bilateral talks on isle row and peace treaty

BBC NEWS-Go your own way, Erdogan tells EU

GERMANY NEWS-SPIEGEL-Papst-Rede zur Lage Europas Weckruf für den Krisenkontinent

London Elects First Muslim Mayor

Sadiq Khan, the son of Pakistani immigrants to the U.K., became London’s next mayor after a bitter campaign. 220in a day


Trump, GOP Leaders Keep Up Their Tense Dance

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to supporters in Charleston, W.Va., on Thursday.
A party’s presidential nominee is typically expected to mend fences with its longtime leaders, but it is unclear how far Republican Donald Trump is willing to bend on a variety of issues. 133in a day


To Manage National Debt, Will Donald Trump Lean on the Fed?

Likely GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has made it clear he wants a Fed chairman to share his politics, WSJ chief economics commentator Greg Ip writes. 64in a day

New Lands’ End CEO Delivers High Fashion—and a Culture Clash

Lands' End Chief Executive Federica Marchionni said her mission ‘is to evolve Lands’ End into a meaningful, global lifestyle brand.’
At the catalog retailer, frumpy duds are out, strappy heels are in, part of Chief Executive Federica Marchionni’s effort to give the struggling company a makeover. 198in 16 hours

‘Extreme’ Fire Guts Canadian Town’s Future

The massive blaze surprised experts by jumping a broad river, forcing the rapid evacuation of oil-sands hub Fort McMurray and leaving its residents anxious over when they will be able to return. in a day

Soft Jobs Market Clouds Outlook

U.S. companies slowed the pace of hiring in April while paying workers only slightly more, signaling a softening of the labor market that knocked down economists’ expectations for a Federal Reserve interest rate increase next month. 135in a day

Redstone Deposition in Competency Case Appears to Sway Judge

The judge in the mental competency trial of media mogul Sumner Redstone asked for briefs on a motion to dismiss after viewing videotaped deposition on Friday, and said he would consider them over the weekend. in a day


Kentucky Derby Horse or Hipster Band?


Weekend Sip: A 10-Year Bourbon for Derby Day


Sonambients: Metal Shaped Into Soundscapes


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