terça-feira, 19 de abril de 2016

The washington post- Federal appeals court sides with transgender teen in bathroom case

AL JAZEERA NEWS-Markets in Syria's Idlib hit by deadly air strikes

REUTERS BUSINESS-Aspiring Trumps run for Congress

CORRIERE DELLA SERA- Padoan: ci sono margini per ragionare sulle pensioni|Quanto avremo? I calcoli

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL-Goldman Expected to Post Lower Profit


REUTERS-BUSINESS- Sanders takes last swing at Clinton before New York vote

LE MONDE FRANCE NEWS-Ce qu’il faut savoir de la directive sur le secret des affaires

JAPAN TODAY-Abe sticks to script on sales tax hike plans after deadly quakes

INDIA NEWS-THE HINDU NEWS-The Supreme Court Bench reiterated that it would test the “so-called” customary practice under the provisions of the Constitution.

The court in Richmond ruled that the high school junior can proceed with his lawsuit arguing that his school board’s decision to ban him from the boys' bathroom is discriminatory. The 4th Circuit is the highest court to weigh in on the issue, and the decision could have widespread implications.
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A big win for Donald Trump would bring him closer to securing an outright majority of Republican delegates. Hillary Clinton said she hopes to wrap up the Democratic nomination in New York.
The GOP front-runner has a history of dropping friends when they’re no longer useful.
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When will the Nationals and their owners realize that Harper has provided enough answers to justify making him an astronomical, but also fair-market, contract offer for the rest of the best years of his career?
Scientists reported that the medications, which marshal the body's own immune defenses, are now proving effective against difficult-to-treat head and neck cancer and an extremely lethal skin cancer called Merkel cell carcinoma.

The move had been anticipated since late last year when company executives said the insurer had suffered financial losses and threatened to leave the exchanges in 2017.
Militants staged a coordinated assault with a suicide bomb and three-hour gun battle, killing perhaps more than two dozen people and wounding more than 320 others in one of the most devastating attacks in Kabul in years, Afghan officials said.
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Overall, the magazine found that Maryland, Connecticut and California had the most public high schools that best prepared students for college and careers.
The Taliban had claimed responsibility for the crash that killed 14 people in Afghanistan last year, but the Air Force said a plastic case designed to hold a set of night-vision goggles was ultimately to blame for the incident.
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The Flyers' fans did their best impression of a kindergarten cafeteria in full rebellion as the Capitals won 6-1, securing a chance to end this playoff series without returning to Verizon Center.
Something big took the dinosaurs out, but scientists now think the creatures spent 50 million years in decline before being wiped out by a sudden, cataclysmic event.
The actress died of natural causes on Monday, her family told a newspaper.
Marina Lonina, 18, who faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted, recorded the assault on her 17-year-old friend as evidence, her attorney said.
Interestingly, men rated a woman’s desire for home and children and good cooking and housekeeping more highly over time — perhaps because these qualities were no longer taken for granted in a wife.
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Alabama's Jeff Sessions loves to tell the story about Trump's testimony on a U.N. project 11 years ago. That's partly because the senator likes to do his impression of the billionaire.

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