domingo, 17 de abril de 2016

THE WASHINGTON POST-Death toll from Ecuador earthquake rises to 233

REUTERS BUSINESS-Obama immigration action goes before Supreme Court


OGLOBO-Caso impeachment seja aberto, Lula e Dilma vão viajar juntos,onde ,sozinhos-querida

LE MONDE FRANCE-Eau, vivres, évacuations : urgences multiples après les séismes de Kyushu, au Japon

GERMANY NEWS-SPIEGEL-Staatsakt für Hans-Dietrich Genscher "Er konnte zäh wie ein Cowboystiefel sein"

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL-Powerful Earthquake Kills Dozens in Ecuador

THE IRISH TIMES- Quake kills 77 in Ecuador, injures hundreds more


PHILIPPINES NEWS-ABS-CBN NEWS-Duterte clarifies stand on China row, NPA tax

THE WASHINGTON POST- At end of symbolic visit to Lesbos, pope takes 12 refugees with him to Italy

The 7.8-magnitude quake was the strongest to hit the country in decades and flattened buildings and buckled roads along its Pacific coast. President Rafael Correa said rescuers were struggling to reach survivors trapped in the rubble.
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About 400,000 people in California, which has the nation's largest concentration of undocumented immigrants, could be affected as the justices hear arguments Monday about an aggressive program that President Obama says will protect them from deportation.
The GOP front-runner’s latest moves — including hiring a new national political director and pushing hard on the idea that the GOP primary process is rigged against him — might just help him over the delegate line by June 7.
The U.S. military’s support work such as “combat advising” has become more important as the Obama administration has scaled back the direct combat role of Americans overseas. But the strategy has done little to improve security in areas with deep political and economic problems.
Adding to the emotional turmoil of college admissions season, some students are given a sense of hope about getting into their dream schools, only to be left dangling.

As calls for Robert Bentley's resignation mount, the variety of investigations underway are heading into “it’s not the crime, it’s the coverup” territory.
Opponents of President Dilma Rousseff say they have the two-thirds majority needed for impeachment. Supporters see the effort to remove her as a coup.
To keep oil prices from plummeting, many OPEC and non-OPEC countries are discussing a production “freeze” — building on an agreement reached in February between Saudi Arabia, Russia, Qatar and Venezuela. 
From Wall Street to Harlem, the spirited city doesn’t take well to the Republican candidate’s perceived antipathy. And few New Yorkers are shy about expressing their opinion of him.
The number of U.S. hospices for babies that won’t live long outside the womb has quintupled over the past 10 years. In recent months, they’ve emerged at the center of the debate over when life starts and how it should end.
He’s the star witness for the federal government in a criminal case accusing 13 alleged gang members of murder, attempted murder and conspiracy in Virginia. 
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The man described as the shooter was released, and no charges have been filed. A Prince George's fire spokesman said the man possibly thought the rescuers were home invaders.
Host Julia Louis-Dreyfus appeared in a fake advertisement for the drug mix that killed "Saturday Night Live" alums Chris Farley and John Belushi.
Kelsey McMurtry left her child in the car for 30 minutes, reports said, before Nashville police rescued her "drenched in sweat." McMurty has been charged with child neglect.
Three top carriers quietly changed how they price itineraries with multiple destinations. Here’s how to avoid paying more.
Co-workers who leave their used dishes in the sink breed germs — and resentment.
Some planning can narrow down a season and possibly game key dates such as enrollment cutoffs.

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