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THE WALL STREET JOURNAL-U.S. Moves to Force ApplRNAL-e to Unlock iPhone in Drug Case

GERMANY NEWS-SPIEGEL-Griechische Flüchtlingspolitik Provisorische Camps sollen im April geräumt werden

U.S. Moves to Force ApplRNAL-e to Unlock iPhone in Drug Case

The Justice Department is trying to force Apple to help open a locked iPhone seized as part of a New York drug investigation. 269in 19 hours

Prosecutors Disclose Allegations of Sexual Misconduct Against Hastert

According to a court filing by federal prosecutors, the sexual abuse took place decades ago when Dennis Hastert was a wrestling coach and teacher at Yorkville High School, before he was elected to Congress. in a day

Kerry Makes Surprise Stop in Kabul

Secretary of State John Kerry arrived on an unannounced visit to Afghanistan to meet with leaders here and demonstrate support for the country’s embattled, 18-month-old national unity government. in a day

Accidental Accomplice in Central-Bank Cyberheist: Bankers’ Hours

The focus is shifting to possible gaps in the New York Fed’s efforts to pursue concerns about fraudulent payment orders, after thieves siphoned $101 million out of Bangladesh’s account at the Fed. in a day


Sanders Backers Press Clinton Superdelegates

Bernie Sanders and his backers are trying to cut into Hillary Clinton’s big superdelegate lead, pressuring them in ways that have created a backlash. in a day

Housing Tracks Rise and Fall of Generation X

The thought of buying a home lacks appeal for Tim Mustard, 49, who prefers to rent.
Generation X has suffered more than any other age cohort from the housing bust, according to analysis of federal data, suggesting homeownership rates for that group could remain depressed for years. 106in 19 hours

Why Activists Aren’t Done With United Continental

Hedge funds prodding for change at United approve of recent recruitments of former industry executives to join its board, but say the choices don’t go far enough. in 18 hours


Belgians Arrest Suspected 'Man in the Hat’ Terrorist


Why "Unbound" Delegates Could Be Kingmakers at Conventions


SpaceX Nails First Rocket Landing at Sea


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