domingo, 10 de abril de 2016

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL-Terror Cell Planned Fresh France Attack

Wiadomości - Polska, polityka, świat-Polsce grożą sankcje, bo PiS nie publikuje wyroku TK. Zgadnijcie, jak temat przedstawiły "Wiadomości"

GERMANY NEWS-SPIEGEL-Ermittler in Belgien Brüsseler Terroristen planten weiteren Anschlag in Paris

Terror Cell Planned Fresh France Attack

Belgian authorities said they believe the terror network that killed 32 people in Brussels last month was initially planning a fresh attack in France but changed the target as investigators closed in. in a day


Bernie Sanders Wins Wyoming Caucuses

The Vermont senator added to a string of recent victories over Hillary Clinton, giving his underdog campaign momentum heading into the more important New York primary. 111in a day

Explosion at Indian Temple Kills About 100 People

Around 100 people were killed and hundreds more hurt, local officials said, when an explosion ripped through a Hindu temple in southern India early Sunday as thousands of devotees watched fireworks at a religious festival. in a day

China-Pakistan Project Tries to Overcome Jihadists, Droughts, Doubts

Developing Gwadar would give China a new trade link from its relatively undeveloped west, while Pakistan hopes that Chinese infrastructure investment will kick-start industrialization. in a day

Trump’s Ascent Poses Risks for Down-Ballot GOP Candidates

Donald Trump’s hard-line positions and from-the-gut style helped catapult him to the top of the GOP presidential field, but they pose bigger risks for down-ballot Republicans like Texas Rep. Will Hurd. in a day

Federal Probe Expands to Nonprofit Tied to New York Mayor de Blasio

A corruption investigation examining New York City police officials, a union leader and businessmen with fundraising ties to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has expanded into a probe of the mayor’s campaign fundraising, people familiar with the matter said. 51in a day

Argentine Prosecutor Seeks to Include Cristina Kirchner in Money-Laundering Probe

A prosecutor has asked that former President Cristina Kirchner be investigated as suspect in a wide-ranging money-laundering probe allegedly involving a prominent government contractor and associate of Mrs. Kirchner. in a day

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