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THE WASHINGTON POST-Donald Trump seeks to avert damaging loss in Wisconsin

LE MONDE-FRANCE NEWS-#VivreAvec : Bâtir sur le néant

ARAB NEWS-World leaders huddle on North Korea nuclear threat

BBC NEWS-Security row keeps Brussels airport shut

AL JAZEERA NEWS-Israeli soldier released to 'open detention'

ISRAEL-JERUSALEM POST-Court rules conditional release of IDF soldier in Hebron shooting case

URGENTE BRASIL-POLICIA FEDERAL PRENDE -PETRALHAS.O empresário Ronan Maria Pinto e o ex-secretário-geral do PT Silvio Pereira foram presos. O ex-tesoureiro do PT Delúbio Soares e o jornalista Breno Altman, amigo do ex-ministro José Dirceu, foram conduzidos coercitivamente.

PORTUGAL NOTICIAS-SAPO=Obama reafirma compromisso com a segurança da Turquia

Wiadomości - Polska, polityka, świat - Polska ziemia tylko dla rolnika i Kościoła. Sejm przyjął ustawę o obrocie ziemią

Campaign  2016
The GOP presidential front-runner made a trip to Washington to meet with Republican leaders and predicted he would unify the party.
The attack on MedStar — one of the biggest employers in the Baltimore-Washington region — shows the attackers' boldness and sophistication.
Clay's series, "Dice," launches April 10 on Showtime. (Brad Swonetz for The Post)
He has been criticized as mean, sexist and profane, but the comic says that's all a part of his trash-talking alter ego. From a peak of sellout crowds to a low of working 300-seat rooms in Vegas, Clay now wants to reinvent himself with a semi-autobiographical cable series.
Of the 990 people shot and killed by police last year, the names of officers in 210 of those cases were not released, according to a Washington Post investigation. Experts say there is little consensus among departments on whether officers' names should be made public.

Employers have been bringing on workers at a rapid clip for the past two years, and the strengthening job market is encouraging many people who had been on the sidelines to start looking for work.
A 20-year-old rule that was suspended in many places during the recession requires that adults without children or disabilities have a job to receive food stamps for more than three months, and today is that cutoff for many recipients.
We don't evaluate other policies by insisting that they have zero effect on employment.
At the Nuclear Security Summit, the president urged fellow world leaders to avoid complacency about an evolving terrorist threat.
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What happened in North Carolina was a classic countermove in the modern conflict over gay rights. When liberal cities enact laws to protect LGBT people, conservative state governments respond by preempting them.
James Brown III, 34, of Illinois fatally shot trooper Chad P. Dermyer, 37, during a training exercise at the bus station, according to authorities. Two troopers shot and killed Brown.
The North Carolina woman and her boyfriend were charged with first-degree murder and felony child abuse in the death of the 2-year-old.
The archaeological find offers tantalizing evidence of a Viking presence 300 miles from the only place in Canada they had ever been seen before.
Even a column about the first couple’s final White House Easter egg roll inspires vitriol.
Sure, some of the pranks are good. But most of them are bad. To illustrate this, we have collected as comprehensive a list as we can of all of the hoaxes today.
The advice columnist takes your questions about the strange train we call life.

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