segunda-feira, 4 de abril de 2016

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL-Brazil Investigator Alleges Tie Between Murder, Corruption

GERMANY NEWS-SPIEGEL-Skandal um Kanzlei Mossack Fonseca Schrecklich diskret

European Officials Home In on Scope of Terror Network

At least 22 radical Islamists linked to the terror network behind the Brussels and Paris attacks are suspected to be still at large, putting security services on high alert as they rush to prevent ISIS from striking again. in a day

Behind Anbang’s Curious Starwood Courtship

Insurer’s truncated bid for U.S. hotel chain, now back in Marriott’s sights, shows limits of China’s foreign-acquisition binge. in a day

In Alleged Scheme, Caspersen Targeted a Princeton Classmate

When Andrew W.W. Caspersen was looking to raise millions of dollars last year in what prosecutors now describe as an elaborate fraud, the Wall Street executive allegedly targeted an old classmate with whom he had family ties. in a day


Investors Turn More Negative on Dollar

Investors are betting on a trend that few analysts predicted heading into 2016: a depreciating dollar, which could give stocks, commodities and other assets a further lift. in 21 hours


Sanders’s Cash Keeps Flowing

Sen. Bernie Sanders continues to rake in contributions for his presidential run despite remaining a clear underdog in the race for the Democratic nomination, all but ensuring his battle with Hillary Clinton will continue for months. 94in a day

Hain Celestial to Reformulate Products, Drop Claim on SLS Chemical

Hain Celestial Group, a big maker of natural shampoos and soaps, said it is reformulating dozens of products and dropping claims that they don’t contain SLS, a cleaning agent often used in mainstream products. in a day

Greece Grapples With Unrest Ahead of Migrant Transfers

Greece is due to start sending Syrian refugees and other migrants back across the Aegean Sea to Turkey on Monday, putting into practice a controversial deal between the EU and Turkey aimed at stemming the migration flow. 77in 17 hours

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