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THE WALL STREET= Exxon Mobil Posts Smallest Profit Since 1999 Merger


FOLHA DE SÃO PAULO-TEMER FICA E TACHAU QUERIDA-Não existem elementos para afastar Temer, diz autora de impeachment

Exxon Mobil Posts Smallest Profit Since 1999 Merger

Exxon Mobil, the largest U.S. oil company, reported its smallest quarterly profit since 1999, a 63% plunge from a year ago, as oil prices remain depressed. in a day

Valeant Files Overdue Report, Makes Sweeping Board Changes

Valeant filed its overdue annual report, resolving the looming danger of debt default and revealing a number of new probes into its practices. It also outlined sweeping board changes. in a day

Stocks Extend Losses as Tech Sector Slumps

U.S. stocks fell Friday, as deepening technology-sector declines threatened to wipe out monthly gains for major indexes. in a day

U.S. Earnings Face Longest, Broadest Drop Since Crisis

U.S. corporate profits are set to decline for the third straight quarter, the longest and broadest slide in earnings since the financial crisis. 163in 17 hours

Atlantic City, the Town With America’s Worst Credit Rating, Stares at Default

Atlantic City has so little money left that it could miss a $1.8 million bond payment due Sunday, a step that would make it the first New Jersey municipality to default on debt since the Great Depression. 145in 21 hours


Republican Candidates Head to Delegate-Rich California

Republican presidential candidates are slated to address California’s GOP convention this week as they campaign in the delegate-rich state that might play a determinant role in choosing the party’s nominee for the first time in a generation. 72in 18 hours

China Gives Police Broad Powers Over Foreign NGOs

Legislators passed a new law on NGOs that reinforces President Xi Jinping’s drive to consolidate government control over China’s society, culture and economy. in 18 hours

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