segunda-feira, 18 de abril de 2016

REUTERS-BUSINESS- Sanders takes last swing at Clinton before New York vote

LE MONDE FRANCE NEWS-Ce qu’il faut savoir de la directive sur le secret des affaires

JAPAN TODAY-Abe sticks to script on sales tax hike plans after deadly quakes

INDIA NEWS-THE HINDU NEWS-The Supreme Court Bench reiterated that it would test the “so-called” customary practice under the provisions of the Constitution.

Sanders takes last swing at Clinton before New York vote

NEW YORK - Bernie Sanders accused front-runner Hillary Clinton of apparent campaign finance violations, ratcheting up the rhetoric hours before New York state's crucial primary elections.



Debt-laden Valeant faces tough choices in asset sales

NEW YORK As Valeant Pharmaceuticals considers a multibillion-dollar auction to pare down $30 billion in debt, its challenge will be choosing which assets to sell without compromising any of its key businesses, analysts and investment bankers said.

Bill Gates says U.S. needs limits on covert email searches

WASHINGTON Bill Gates said on Monday that no one was an “absolutist” on either side of the digital privacy debate, but the co-founder of Microsoft Corp said he supports his company’s lawsuit against the U.S. government seeking the freedom to tell customers when federal agencies have sought their data.

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