Here comes the sun

Experts’ tips on keeping yourself hydrated and infection-free as India stares at possibly its hottest summer ever recorded.

Priming the polio fight

The global vaccine 'switch', from trivalent to bivalent OPV, has been recommended as a critical component of the polio endgame strategy

Here’s another reason why you should go easy on fast food

It’s not just the food that’s unhealthy. New research suggests chemicals used in packaging leach into the fast food we consume.

Retellings that keep giving

Shakespeare’s stories are alive today because they speak to our innermost selves..

Reporting all that’s stranger than fiction

Turmoil gives rise to a bit of art. So it is with the modern-day conflicts that rage across continents, mostly in the name of religion.

The book in my hand

A weekly column on what celebrities are reading and planning to read. This week it is Cyrus Broacha and S.Y. Quraishi .