terça-feira, 29 de março de 2016

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL-Venture Firms Draw Influx of Capital

GERMANY NEWS-SPIEGEL- IS-Terror mit ABC-Waffen "Sehr reales Risiko"

Venture Firms Draw Influx of Capital

Venture-capital firms are raising money at the highest rate in more than 15 years, even as the values of some once-hot startups have begun to cool. in a day

Supreme Court Struggles to Deal With Split Bench

A pair of developments Tuesday revealed the new dynamic of a court equally divided between liberals and conservatives. 110in a day

Iranian Miniskirts, Bags of Cash Raise Doubts Over Controls at HSBC

A monitor of HSBC’s vigilance against money laundering and evasion of sanctions has uncovered lapses in the wake of a 2012 settlement with the Justice Department. in a day

Oil Explorers Face Challenge to Secure Financing as Oil Prices Fall

Just a few years ago, when oil prices were $100 a barrel, banks were lining up to give international oil explorers access to billions of dollars to finance projects. Now the money is drying up. in 21 hours

Inside the Migrant-Smuggling Trade: Escapes Start at €1,000

The closure of borders in the Balkans and elsewhere has stranded thousands of migrants from the Middle East and elsewhere in Greece, where a flourishing and barely disguised smuggling market has emerged. in a day

Hackers Breach Law Firms, Including Cravath, Weil Gotshal

Federal investigators are exploring whether the cybercriminals stole confidential information for the purpose of insider trading. in a day

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