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INDIA NEWS-THE HINDU NEWS-The morgue in Pathankot Civil Hospital has been under police protection ever since the bodies were brought there.

Wiadomości - Polska, polityka, światKsiądz Jan Kaczkowski nie żyje. Duchowny zmarł po długiej walce z rakiem



Yogendra Yadav. Photo: Akhilesh Kumar
The Centre should step forward and bring both Punjab and Haryana, ruled by the BJP and an ally.
“The need for heightened nuclear security has now become urgent.” Picture shows the Kudankulam power plant in Tamil Nadu.— Photo: N. Rajesh
If India is more open about discussing its nuclear weapons programme with a view to ultimately denuclearising the neighbourhood, it would be one of it
Photo: M. Karunakaran
The GARV app puts pressure on State governments for timely and quality delivery


Buyer and seller’s pride

Care for a second helping?

From clothes to furniture and everything in between, there has never been a better time to be on the market for used goods in Bengaluru.
Anuradha Venkataraman is creating a platform for dance -- Photo: G.P. Sampath Kumar

Beyond the stage

Anuradha Venkataraman is on a mission to take performing arts to children in and around her neighbourhood.
Pay attention to the food you eat

Eat, drink but stay alert

Soaring temperatures also mean more caution in what we purchase and consume to keep us going.
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A solar flare bursts off the Sun in this image captured in 2014. Of all the stars with superflares that researchers analysed, about 10 per cent had a magnetic field as strong as or weaker than the Sun's.

Sun may produce devastating superflares, say scientists

Such eruptions can not only break down radio communication and power supplies, but also affect Earth’s ability to support life, according to scientist
 A team of scientists from NASA are studying planet changes and its impact on humans.

NASA to undertake globe-spanning research campaigns

Scientists worldwide use NASA Earth science field data together with satellite data and computer models to tackle many of today’s environmental challe
A graphic showing a collision at full power is pictured at the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experience control room. Photo: Reuters

High-energy blip or herald of new physics?

Shubashree Desikan
Since two different experiments have detected a blip at the same energy, given the wide range of energies scanned, it would be too much of a coinciden

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