quarta-feira, 30 de março de 2016

CHINA DAILY WEBSITE NEWS- Swiss man wins Running Wireman challenge

CORRIERE DELLA SERA- Marò, dall’India doccia fredda per Girone «Sul rientro richiesta inammissibile»

SOUTH AFRICA NEWS- Justice dept to appeal decision to release Janusz Walus

HONG KONG NEWS-Legco elections our last chance, says leader of moderate Hong Kong political party Third Side



PORTUGAL NOTICIAS -SAPO ATUALIDADES-Tiroteio em Lisboa faz cinco feridos

Swiss man wins Running Wireman challenge

China establishes new strategic partnership with Czech Republic

Beijing and Prague decide to establish strategic partnership during President Xi Jinping's first state visit to the European country.

Stocks rally thanks to better corporate earnings

Stocks rallied the most in a month on Wednesday, after some listed companies reported better-than-expected earnings.

WHO says list of free vaccines should be expanded

The World Health Organization recommended on Tuesday that China include five additional vaccines in the country's most regulated vaccine program.

Gao to remain as head coach after World Cup qualifier win

Gao Hongbo will likely remain in his position and lead the Chinese national soccer team in Asia's final qualifying round of 2018 World Cup.

Beheading of girl sparks death penalty debate in Taiwan

A four-year-old cycling with her mother was beheaded with cleaver in Taipei allegedly by a man who has history of mental illness and drug abuse.

How can a South Korean soap opera be this popular in China?

A South Korean TV series has become quite a sensation in China, with online views numbering over 1.5 billion. Is it really that good?

Gionee launches 'world's best performance' clamshell phone

Domestic handset manufacturer Gionee unveiled its new high-end configuration flip phone to rival global competitors in the emerging market.

Buses offer private space for breastfeeding in East China

Feel embarrassed of breast-feeding on a bus? More cities in China have started creating private spaces on public transport to help the mothers.
Is breastfeeding in public vulgar

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