domingo, 17 de janeiro de 2016

GLOBE NEWS ·THE WASHINGTON POST- U.S. announces Iran sanctions over ballistic missiles

GLOBE NEWS ·AL JAZEERA NEWS-Iran rejoins world economy as sanctions are lifted

GLOBE NEWS ·canadian news-national post-Quebec family on humanitarian trip among six Canadians killed in Burkina Faso attack

GLOBE NEWS-UKRAINE NEWS-KYIVPOST-Ukraine’s trade ban with Crimea takes effect

GLOBE NEWS ·Hong Kong to host launch of UN fund to support Asian social enterprises, with a target of US$200m

GLOBE NEWS -IRELAND NEWS-THE IRISH TIMES-Islamic State ‘kills 300’ in Deir al-Zor - Syrian government

GLOBE NEWS ·CBS NEWS-At least 2 killed in tornadoes in central Florida


Eleven people and companies are under restrictions that remain despite international sanctions being lifted Saturday as part of a nuclear agreement. The announcement came as a flight was midair with Americans who were released in an exchange.
The president described the historic accord — achieved after months of negotiations led by Secretary of State John Kerry — as proof that a “smart, patient and disciplined” approach to the world can yield better results than war.
The plane carrying the Americans arrives in Geneva. (Reuters)
The flight was postponed over confusion about whether Post reporter Jason Rezaian's mother and wife were on the flight manifest and concerns about the crew's working hours.
Despite a $50 billion sanctions windfall, low oil prices could still thwart Iran’s recovery and boost hard-liners.
The last time the presidential candidates gathered, Hillary Clinton had a comfortable lead. Now, there are signs that Bernie Sanders is not only catching up but surpassing her.
Inside the anti-government occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, more gun-toting people arrive, but many attempts to win public sympathy have backfired.
From concerns about his "low energy" to weariness with dynasties, most Republicans want someone new. "I think the country has had enough of them," one said.
A coating on grassy areas is possible with perhaps a bit of slush on roads, mainly south of the District. Any snow should rapidly exit by 3:30 p.m.
The Packers quarterback's 41-yard touchdown as time expired in regulation wasn’t enough as Arizona advanced to the NFC title game.
The GOP front-runner, seeking Brown's endorsement, said the former U.S. senator would be a vice president straight out of "central casting."
Four days after Sean Penn met with Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, Mexican marines went on a shooting and looting spree while searching for the drug lord, villagers say.
An email, detailed in a report by CNN, outlined a verbal agreement made by a former district attorney assuring the comedian that his deposition in a 2005 civil proceeding would not be used against him in a criminal case.
One dater thinks that you can learn a lot about a person online, but what do you really know?
A younger colleague's style might not impress a company’s clients. Should something be said?
Arts & Style
Set in a makeshift Union hospital, this very average PBS drama is missing more than British accents.

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