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GLOBE NEWS ·THE WASHINGTON POST- D.C. area starts to shut down ahead of blizzard

NASA WEB- NASA JPL latest news release NASA's LISA Pathfinder Thrusters Operated Successfully

GLOBE NEWS · UKRAINE NEWS-Kyiv Post Exclusive-Ukraine to continue buying all gas from Europe in near term

GLOBE NEWS ·NEW ZEALAND NEWS-HERALD -Family rift over Jonah Lomu's grave


GLOBE NEWS ·ARAB NEWS-Children among dead as two more refugee boats sink

GLOBE NEWS ·ALERT-URGENT-ARAB NEWS-Cairo bomb kills 6 cops

GLOBE NEWS ·HONG KONG-90pc of Hong Kong schools may be exempted from controversial test, but parents still worried

GLOBE NEWS ·PORTUGAL NEWS-SAPO-O que aproxima e afasta os principais candidatos às presidenciais

GLOBE NEWS WEB- · - oszczędzanie, startupy, biznes, ludzie, firmy

GLOBE NEWS WEB-· OGLOBO -O FIM DO PT ESTA PROXÍMO-BRASIL PT reage a pedido do PSDB para extinção da legenda

GLOBE NEWS WEB-CBS NEWS-East Coast prepares as massive blizzard looms

GLOBE NEWS · AUSTRALIAN NEWS-BODY OF EVIDENCE: What happened to Bin Laden’s corpse?

GLOBE NEWS ·GERMANY NEWS-Reaktion auf de Maizière Polizeigewerkschaft hält längere Grenzkontrollen für unmöglich

GLOBE NEWS ·ESPAÑA NEWS-EL PAÍS-Rajoy se resigna a la investidura sin votos suficientes para ganar

GLOBE NEWS ·GAZETA POLSKA-Szef MON Francji: IS w odwrocie. Koalicja zabiła już ok. 22 tys. dżihadystów

GLOBE NEWS · POLSKA ECONOMY-Najnowsze Ludzie Zakupy Praca Firmy Liczby Wideo Raporty PITy Rankingi finansowe Kodeks Karny - oszczędzanie, startupy, biznes, ludzie, firmy

GLOBE NEWS ·FINANCIAL TIMES-Japan joins global recovery as oil rebounds

GLOBE NEWS · THE WALL STREET JOURNAL-New Questions on Iran Prisoner Swap

GLOBE NEWS ·VIETNAM NEWS-12th National Party Congress opens

GLOBE NEWS ·JAPAN TODAY-TPP deal to be formally signed in New Zealand on Feb 4

NASA WEB-CubeSat proximity operations: The natural evolution of defensive space control into a deterrence initiative

GLOBE NEWS ENGLAND SUNDAY TIMES-Five star Broad cuts South Africa down

Most of Washington’s attractions, such as the Smithsonian museums and the National Zoo, are closing early and will remain shut through the weekend.
Flakes are falling in the far southwest areas and making their way toward the immediate metro area. Expect snow to start falling in the Beltway by 1:30 p.m.
(The Washington Post)
For 25 hours, Jason Rezaian’s family didn’t know if the deal to free him would stick — or if they could leave themselves.
The student, identified as Otto Frederick Warmbier, arrived in the country on a tourist visa, according to Korea's news agency.

Establishment Republicans can tolerate Trump because they see Sen. Ted Cruz as dangerously inflexible in his politics.
He must be stopped! That's the theme binding an avalanche of essays by conservative thought leaders — 22 in all — that the National Review sent thundering down the political mountain onto GOP voters.
Here's exactly what the mogul says he would like to do if he were elected commander-in-chief.
Infectious disease experts are becoming increasingly concerned about the spread of the tropical virus, which has been linked to brain defects in infants.
From the Greek-Macedonian border to Austria and Germany and upward to Denmark and Sweden, a domino effect is taking shape as nations in Europe suddenly move to keep more migrants out.
Starting with a misdemeanor, that season marked a turning point when a somewhat aimless young man found direction.
The agency’s top official for the region has resigned as 100,000 people remain unable to drink water that comes into their homes because of elevated levels of lead.
Daniel Layug, an enlisted sailor with a weakness for electronic bling, is the first person sentenced in a corruption case that has paralyzed the Navy since 2013.
About 416,500 visitors were suspected to still be in the country at the beginning of this year. That’s more than the 337,000 people picked up at the borders last year.
Some people want to protect their loved one’s privacy. But there’s a cost to that, cancer experts say.
"The Late Show" host delivered his own rendition of a Palin endorsement speech, complete with her own unique style.

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