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GLOBE NEWS ·THE WASHINGTON POST-Clinton emails include ‘top secret’ material, State Department says

GLOBE NEWS · SOUTH KOREA NEWS-S. Korea Eyes US Missile Defense System as North Continues Tests

GLOBE NEWS ·SOUTH AFRICA-NEWS24- KZN cop wounded in shoot-out with robbers

GLOBE NEWS ·INDIA NEWS-THE HINDU-Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi at University of Hyderabad on Saturday. Photo: K.V.S. Giri

GLOBE NEWS ·NEW ZEALAND NEWS-HERALD-Angelique Kerber has gatecrashed Serena Williams' party to become the first German grand slam champion since the great Steffi Graf.

GLOBE NEWS · HONG KONG-Hong Kong customs officers seize 48kg of cocaine hidden in container from Panama


GLOBE NEWS · AL JAZEERA-Syria opposition en route to crunch Geneva peace talks

GLOBE NEWS ·ITALY NEWS- CORRIERE DELLA SERA- Siria, Assad avanza (con l’aiuto di Putin) E chiude i rifornimenti agli insorti

GLOBE NEWS ·ARAB NEWS-EgyptAir mechanic detained in Russian plane crash

GLOBE NEWS ·POLAND-Pieniadze.gazeta.pl - oszczędzanie, startupy, biznes, ludzie, firmy

GLOBE NEWS ·GAZETA POLSKA-W środku nocy Sejm uchwalił budżet. Tracą RPO, NIK, GIODO...

GLOBE NEWS · CBS NEWS-AMERICA-Zika survivor: "All of my joints felt like lead weights" Brazilian-American man tells CBS News about his harrowing experience with Zika virus; his doctors in New York "had never seen a case of Zika"

GLOBE NEWS ·ESPAÑA NEWS-ELPAÍS-España espera recibir unos 250 casos de virus del zika al año

GLOBE NEWS ·FINANCIAL TIMES-Swiss probe adds to pressure on 1MDB

GLOBE NEWS ·AUSTRALIAN NEWS-END OF AN ERA? What once made us great is no longer


GLOBE NEWS ·THE WALL STREET JOURNAL-The city of Recife, Brazil, is at the epicenter of a Zika virus epidemic, which medical experts believe is linked to babies born with underdeveloped skulls and brains.

GLOBE NEWS · GERMANY NEWS-SPIEGEL-Flüchtlingskrise Wie der Staat mehr Wohnungen schaffen will

GLOBE NEWS · MEXICO DAILY NEWS-Actress del Castillo says Mexico government wants to ‘destroy’ her

GLOBE NEWS ·PORTUGAL NEWS-SAPO=10 coisas que precisa de saber sobre o vírus Zika


GLOBE NEWS ·INDONESIA NEWS-JAKARTA POST-Japan restarts nuclear reactor using plutonium-mixed fuel

GLOBE NEWS ·VIETNAM NEWS-National Party Congress ends in success

GLOBE NEWS · JAPAN TODAY-Japan puts military on alert for possible N Korean missile test

The information was found in 22 emails that passed through the private server Hillary Clinton used while leading the agency, elevating the issue in the presidential campaign right before the Iowa caucuses and complicating her efforts to move past the controversy.
“This operation was about challenging excessive maritime claims that restrict the rights and freedoms of the United States and others," a Navy official said.
Thanks to a combination of bad luck and worse policies, the country with the largest oil reserves in the world is basically bankrupt, and markets expect the nation to default on its debt in the very near future.
Kevin Bushrod Sr. talks about his son, who spent six months in solitary confinement. (Pete Marovich for The Post)
Reforms to the federal system announced by President Obama will do nothing to change the circumstances for the vast majority of the nation’s isolated inmates. About 90 percent of these prisoners are held at state and county facilities — each with its own procedures, data-keeping methods and definitions of confinement.
He proposed a rule requiring every company with at least 100 employees to report workers' pay based on race and gender.
"They made no secret were breaking the law," the federal judge said while ordering the continued detention of five men arrested in the occupation of a wildlife refuge.
State Rep. Tommy Benton sponsored a resolution to preserve an "appropriate and suitable memorial" to the Confederacy and said, "We’re entitled to our heritage just like other people are entitled to theirs."
Doctors were asked to report all births of babies with a head circumference of 33 centimeters or less. But some of those children just had normally small heads.
The no-show opposition said it will send a team to consult with the United Nations but has not agreed to participate in a process that the U.S. had hoped would end war.
The president said that in the new economy, "computer science isn't an optional skill," according to a transcript of his weekly radio address. The proposal would require approval from Congress.
Chicago police officials blamed the failure in 80 percent of videos on error or "intentional destruction." But courts long ago determined that when evidence goes missing in a criminal case, the defense must prove ill intent on the part of police or prosecutors. 
The Deciders
His choice to move from D.C. back to Texas for a high-profile job bore the hallmarks of Ted Cruz: ambition, a willingness to take major risks and confidence that he could pull it off.
A former teacher who attended a National School Choice Week forum writes about her concerns that privatizing education is causing "resegregation" of public schools.
The writer was shocked that he didn't speak with his parents but used a college essay to come out.
When you love someone, that feeling doesn't abruptly end after a breakup.
Insanity and SoulCycle are fine — but to get maximum benefits, mix up your routine.

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