domingo, 17 de janeiro de 2016

GLOBE NEWS ·THE WALL STREET JOURNAL-Democratic Rivals Spar Ahead of Iowa Caucus

GLOBE NEWS · GAZETA POLSKA-Nieoficjalnie: Czarzasty zwycięzcą I tury wyborów szefa SLD. Działacze: Sojuszowi grozi rozpad


Democratic Rivals Spar Ahead of Iowa Caucus

Democratic front runner Hillary Clinton put rival Bernie Sanders on the defensive Sunday over health care and gun control. 63in a day

U.S. Delayed Iran Sanctions to Avoid Derailing Prisoner Talks

Iranian officials warned the White House that imposing new sanctions would derail secret negotiations to free U.S. citizens held in Iran. in a day

Iran Accord Stokes Anxiety

As Iran celebrated sanctions relief, its regional foes were wary, fearing the windfall will be used to bolster causes they oppose. 229in 21 hours

SpaceX Stumbles in Landing Booster

Space-transportation company SpaceX failed to successfully land the main part of a spent rocket on a floating ocean platform. The mission carried out its aim of blasting a satellite into orbit, but fell short of showing its prowess in rocket-reusability.80in a day

Oil Extends Slide Below $30

Crude oil futures extended a fall below $30 a barrel, as the removal of sanctions over Iranian oil exports sparked concerns that oil prices would move even lower. in a day

What’s Wrong With China’s Stock Market?

Just about everything, according to a statement from Xiao Gang, the country’s chief securities regulator. in 12 hours

Burkina Faso Mourns After Coordinated Attacks

Authorities in Burkina Faso sealed off main roads in the nation’s capital after a series of attacks on Friday left 28 people dead, most of them foreigners, as they grappled with the aftermath of the coordinated strikes. in a day

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