segunda-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2016

GLOBE NEWS ·THE WALL STREET JOURNAL-Taiwan’s Rich Rulers Face a Financial Loss, Following Political One

GLOBE NEWS ·REUTERS NEWS-Elites descend on Davos to debate rising inequality

China’s Growth Slowest in 25 Years

China recorded a pronounced deceleration in growth last year, affirming that a continued slowdown is biting the world’s second-largest economy harder with the downward grind expected to persist. in a day

After U.S.-Iran Deals, Another Hurdle Looms: Syria

The prisoner exchange between the U.S. and Iran, coinciding with the completion of the nuclear deal, marked milestones that will be difficult to repeat as President Obama turns to the next challenge: Syria. in a day

Europe’s Corporate Bonds Trading at Recession Levels

A wave of selling has taken Europe’s corporate-bond market to levels typically seen during recessions, another indication that the turmoil in global markets could spread into the wider economy. in a day

Rarely Patched Bugs in Home Wi-Fi Hookups Cripple Security

Millions of consumer routers are vulnerable to hackers because the device software hasn’t been updated. in 19 hours


Welcome to the Crisis Economy, Where Tumult Reigns

Be it terror threats or faltering markets, there always seems to be something testing growth. Columnist Stephen Fidler explores ahead of the annual gathering of world leaders in Davos, Switzerland. in a day


Wounded Markets Grapple With China Woes, Fed Policy

This week investors will try to divine what China’s troubles mean for the U.S. economy and central-bank policy, as they contend with the worst yearly start on record for stocks. in a day


Trump, Cruz Fight on GOP’s Right Flank

As GOP presidential primary voting gets closer, conservative activist groups beginning to coalesce around Sen. Ted Cruz are increasingly frustrated by the continued support for Donald Trump among many on the right. 50in a day

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