terça-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2016

GLOBE NEWS · THE WALL STREET JOURNAL-Oil Prices Sink Below $28 a Barrel

GLOBE NEWS ·MEXICO DAILY NEWS-Mexico’s president to receive Global Energy..

Oil Prices Sink Below $28 a Barrel

Oil prices fell under $28 a barrel in early Asia trade Wednesday, and with producers focusing on market share rather than on supporting prices, the price-depressing glut is likely to continue. in a day

Iranians Squeeze Moderate Leaders

Days after Iran secured relief from economic sanctions under a contentious nuclear deal, the country’s powerful hard-liners are moving to sideline more moderate leaders who stand to gain from a historic opening with the West. in a day

Boards Get More Independent, but Ties Endure

Corporate boards have more independent directors, but some have close ties to the companies and executives they oversee. in a day

High Court to Rule on Obama’s Bid to Block Deportations

The Supreme Court will rule on the Obama administration’s plan to defer deportation of more than four million illegal immigrants. 849in 21 hours


Unorthodox Playbook Aids Kasich

The Ohio governor, who is painting himself as an uplifting alternative to the doom-and-gloom tone dominating the GOP primary, now trails only Donald Trump in New Hampshire polls. 126in a day

DAVOS 2016

After 7 Years of Slow Growth, U.S. Now Sees More of Same

Economists, business executives and American workers have waited a long time for the U.S. to shake off its postrecession hangover. Not anymore. Most Federal Reserve policy makers and private forecasters are giving up on the long-awaited breakout. in a day

Saudi Arabia and Iran Tussle Over Exports to China

Chinese President Xi arrived in Riyadh, putting his country at the center of a clash between Saudi Arabia and Iran over crude-oil sales. in a day

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