quarta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2016

GLOBE NEWS · NATIONAL POST-CANADA- Meet the ace Canadian cardiac surgeon who ‘does the stuff other doctors are scared to do’

GLOBE NEWS ·ukraine- kyivpost-Star lawyer Amal Clooney to defend Azerbaijani investigative journalist Ismayilova

GLOBE NEWS ·AUSTRALIAN NEWS-KYRGIOS ‘FUMING’: Aussie’s sarcastic question to umpire

GLOBE NEWS ·ARAB NEWS-Swedish inquiry into minister’s flat


GLOBE NEWS-CBS NEWS-AMERICA- Sarah Palin backs Donald Trump's 2016 bid

GLOBE NEWS ·ESPAÑA NEWS-EL PAÍS-20 muertos en un ataque talibán a una universidad paquistaní

GLOBE NEWS ·PORTUGAL NEWS-SAPO-Um calceteiro, um psicólogo e um médico põem-se a caminho de Belém. O que os move?

GLOBE NEWS ·POLSKA-Pieniadze.gazeta.pl - oszczędzanie, startupy, biznes, ludzie, firmy


Meet the ace Canadian cardiac surgeon who ‘does the stuff other doctors are scared to do’

Dr. RJ Cusimano is a world-renowned fixer of leaky valves and blown arteries, a transplant specialist and remover of heart tumours. ‘If this guy can’t help you — nobody can’

How can the federal Liberals leave others to defend Canada's national security?

John Ivison: That they still haven’t found a face-saving way to fix the blunder of not supporting missions against ISIL is now Canada’s disgrace

Could your past life nix a Senate spot? Liberals name hypnotherapist, singer to selection panel

For a government priding itself on evidence-based policy, the addition to the Senate advisory board of someone who tries to recover people’s past lives may raise a few brows

‘It’s pure fear’: global stocks plunge to brink of bear market as oil falls below $28

It’s ugly out there this morning as turmoil returns to global markets — with futures pointing to steep declines to come in North American markets

Group sex, illegal marijuana get an OK in Vancouver, but wine in grocery stores? Not a chance

Brian Hutchinson: City council decided not to allow wine sales in up to five groceries. The reason? A health report saying it would cause serious problems. Including death

Taliban gunmen storm Pakistani university, killing at least 20 and triggering hours-long battle

Wednesday's attack began shortly after the Bacha Khan University opened for classes in the town of Charsadda, some 35 kilometres outside Peshawar

Inside the caliphate: Disillusionment grows with ISIL jihadists who look down on 'commoners'

The jihadists receive perks that sharply set them apart, such as the chance to marry local women. 'Daesh men drive luxury cars and eat at the best restaurants'

Donald Trump's campaign gets boost as Sarah Palin says ‘you betcha’ to his run for president

The endorsement comes less than two weeks ahead of the critical lead-off Iowa caucus, where Trump is locked in a dead heat with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz

Karli Mitchell’s mother drank while pregnant. At 43, she is the developmental age of a first-grader

Every night, Karli puts on some Hello Kitty pajamas. Her mom tucks her into bed with her two favourite dolls, in the glow of a Tinker Bell night light

Fetus found near scene of Toronto murder-suicide linked to victim, police confirm

Police believe Robert Giblin stabbed his pregnant wife Precious Charbonneau multiple times before both fell to their deaths from their 11th-storey balcony

Changes to SmartTrack not what we expected when John Tory spoke of transformation

Chris Selley: SmartTrack still certainly could be transformative. But for the sake of Tory’s overall legacy, he needs fewer of these business-as-usual moments — starting now

Tom Mulcair's critics in the NDP should take another look at their leader

Michael Den Tandt: They have in Mulcair a leader who is smart, tough, principled and perfectly bilingual. I’m betting they’ll miss him when he’s gone

Security guard didn’t hear the screams of girl accusing four men of gang raping her, trial hears

Four men are on trial for the alleged rape of a 15-year-old Ottawa girl. The girl said she was screaming during the attack, but a security guard didn't hear anything

Boy slices off his own hand in penance for accidentally indicating he didn’t love Muhammad at mosque

The imam asked for a show of hands of those who did not love the Prophet Muhammad. The boy misheard and shot his hand up, drawing a screaming rebuke

Anesthesiologists warn assisted death not that simple: Convulsions and 'awakenings' possible

Some even question whether they — or any other doctor — ought to be involved at all, and recommend the task be left instead to 'euthanists'

Afghan woman’s nose cut off by husband after years of being regularly chained, beaten by family

The couple got into an argument over his having taken his uncle’s child daughter as his fiancée, making her his second wife. Khan took a knife and cut off his wife’s nose

This star probably isn’t surrounded by ‘alien megastructures’ — but what’s making it act so strangely?

If none of the normal, natural explanations for Tabby's Star's odd behaviour seem to make sense, what could the abnormal explanation possibly be?

B.C. hockey player and girlfriend may have been stabbed to death by her ex while they slept: police

Police found all three dead in the bedroom. They believe the couple, who were both students at the State University of New York, died in a double-murder 

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